Understanding the Subconscious Mind

                   Understanding the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind does not work with language but with images, sounds, tastes, sensations and emotions.  When you think of the word lemon,  you may see a lemon and perhaps can even feel, smell or taste it. This is your subconscious working for you. Notice how it is effortless.

Have you ever temporarily forgotten a name?  When we are reminded of the name, suddenly we remember.  The name was not lost,  it was still in our subconscious. You could see the person’s face but  not recall the language part, in other words, his name.

The subconscious does not reason, judge, nor can it tell the difference between the past, present or future.  It is always in the present. 

A trauma that happened 20 years ago can still remain hidden in the subconscious as if it were still happening. Having accumulated many subconscious conflicts can literally weigh us down and when released its possible to actually feel physically lighter.

Long term subconscious traumas or conflicts are behind mental and/or physical illness. Every emotion has a physical response in the body and brain.

These traumas can be seen as shadows or rings on brain CT scans.  

Every type of trauma specifically affects the same place in both the brain and the body of everyone. 

Separating the mind from the body simply does not work.  The evidence is the dismal success rate modern medicine and psychiatry have with chronic illness and cancer.

    The Purpose of Life is to experience joy.

Psychiatry does not even consider the term “cure”  and to some, keeping illness under control is by far more profitable. Psychiatry just plain lacks a practical understanding the subconscious mind.

We once lived across the street from a railroad track.  Two freight trains passed by every day, it was loud and it shook the whole house.  After about 3 weeks we didn’t notice the trains anymore. 

Likewise a strong unpleasant emotion after a period of time becomes unnoticed.  This is actually a survival mechanism, without it we could be overwhelmed by too many combined unresolved emotions.

These unpleasant emotions  buried alive, never die.  They continue to affect us in less than ideal ways.  If we have a strong unresolved trauma that involves feeling lack of control in a situation, it replays  itself when a similar event arises.

By understanding the subconscious mind we know why we become angry. Perhaps we feel guilty over loosing our temper, which will compound the original problem. Or we may become depressed and feel hopeless and not know why.

The subconscious has a total holographic memory of everything we have experienced.  Even prenatal memories are there. 

The emotion always precedes the thought.  Any thought that is less than love, peace or happiness has a negative emotion behind it. 

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Conscious thoughts are inert and lack power,  it is the emotion behind the thought that has strength or weakness.  When an unpleasant event goes subconscious it becomes a subconscious belief. Negative emotions and beliefs are always debilitating. 

The Subconscious does not distinguish between self and others,  nor does it distinguish between reality and what is imagined.  

Keeping a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the the other person dies.  Long term grudges can cause gall stones or even worse, cancers that affect the digestive system.

We can easily learn to change and we are further understanding the subconscious mind through Energy Therapy.  

Using “effort” or the old religious “force thyself” method actually worsens the problem and will always fail.  When we release these feelings, the body and mind naturally will begin to heal.

The purpose of life and how understanding     the subconscious mind can set us free.

Our lives are made of two things:  thoughts and emotions.  This is the sum of all of our experience.

We may have things go wrong, but behind it all are only thoughts and emotions.  Stubbing your toe never made you happy, you can be angry, blame your dog, or feel sorry for yourself. But those are only feelings and does not change that your toe just hurts. 

For greater understanding the subconscious mind on overcoming what is in the way of our full joy and happiness, this course will show you how to do it.  It is simple, painless, quick and permanent. It is the most effective clearing tool known.

The purpose of life is to have joy

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