Body N Mind

The problem with medical research is that it does all it can to separate the body n mind. Then it ignores the role of the mind body source and its effects on our health.

This assumes that all medical research is honest, which it is not.

Greek medical students have discovered that much of medical research is flawed and about 10% is outright fraudulent. One of the problems they pointed out was the “publish or perish” pressure creating an atmosphere of corruption.

Researching the mind body connection of illness is just not in the best interest of big Pharm or the medical industrial complex.

Another problem pointed out by these students is medical and psychiatric research funding is under a strangle hold from the pharmaceutical industry.

Research going contrary to their interests risks having funds cut off and scientists loosing reputations and careers. This is why there is little honest body n mind research available.

So honestly what can you believe? 

Healing body mind and soul is effected by healing the emotions. When we become ill it is because our emotions have gone underground or subconscious.

Our body never lies and it is telling us something needs to be resolved. 

But once your mind body source is recognized, healing may be quick. Even difficult and “incurable” conditions may be healed.

You can find out for yourself. No need to wait for another study to come out. You may see first hand mind n body healing. You may even have it happen to you instantly.

Benefits of Inner Influencing:

You no longer have to suffer though a healing crisis.

Your medications become more effective.

$$ You can save thousands of dollars in medical costs.

You learn to recognize what triggered your condition.

You can make better informed decisions about treatments.

Your suffering may be greatly relieved or perhaps eliminated.

You will learn how to prevent many serious illnesses and come to a sense of inner peace.

You may see unexpected improvements in your personal life and be amazed at how easy and simple it is to do.

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Back pain,  Back upper,  Bone cancer,   Breast cancer,

Carpal tunnel syndrome,  Cervical cancer,  Chemotherapy,  Cholesterol,

Colon Cancer,  Diabetes,  Eczema, Fibromyalgia,  Frozen shoulder,

Gangrene,  Gingivitis,  Gout,  Headache,  Heart attack,  Heart attack 2,

Heart murmur,  Hydrocele,Hypertension,  Low blood pressure, leukemia,

Lupus,  Lyme Disease,  Lymphoma,  Metastatic Cancer,  Milk Allergy,

Mononucleosis,  Neck pain,  Osteoporosis.  Ovarian cancer,  Pancreatic

cancer,  Prostate cancer,  Sciatica,  Shingles,  Sinusitis,  Skin Cancer,

Testicular Cancer, Tinnitus,  Tooth Decay


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