What is the Cause of Prostate Cancer?

What is the cause of prostate cancer? Again the cause is "unknown". In spite of their excellent techniques, medical researchers keep looking in all the wrong places for answers.

The prostate is made of endodermic tissue. Therefore, cancer grows during the conflict active phase.

What causes prostate cancer problems are: conflicts around unclean sexual experiences, or conflicts around the children or grandchildren.

You may feel shocked upon learning a grandchild is homosexual, or your daughter was raped. It can also involve a friend that may have had a similar experience.

You may have been treated badly by your spouse, or she complains too much. This may leave you feeling dirty or soiled.

Other contributing factors are feeling overwhelmed with work, financial matters, feeling of being disrespected, shame, guilt and powerless.

Typical cases:

Fred, a forty-five year old man, was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

After asking him questions and getting nowhere, he finally admitted to spending hours daily watching pornography to stimulate himself. 

He desired to work on overcome his addiction which he claimed was successful. He felt guilty and ashamed of his behavior.

Harold, an elderly gentleman, was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. We first worked  on the diagnosis shock, which had him frightened and overwhelmed.

Continuing to work with him, he admitted he was disappointed with a granddaughter who was "sleeping around". He thought it was disgusting and a dishonor to the family.

John 58 years old.  John being bullied by a young "know it all" supervisor and hated his job.  He worked on a salary and had to work so many hours that he was earning less than the legal minimum wage per hour. At his age he saw no way out of this unhappy situation and felt powerless. 

In addition his wife was a nagger and a "slob", he found no peace at work or at home.

While working with him,  he lost his job and his wife filed for divorce. This may seem to be a bad thing, but he was so happy to be rid of his "nagging slob" wife and power hungry supervisor. 

He found a new and better job that was more to his liking and started dating again.

These cancers all went into spontaneous remission.

Click here to read about the controversies surrounding prostate cancer screening. 


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