What are the causes of leukemia?

The medical community admits they do not know the causes of leukemia. This is considered a cancer of the bone marrow that produces abnormal blood and lymphatic cells.

Your child comes home from day care and you notice she has a number of small bruises on her arms and legs. She is cranky and more tired than usual.

As the days go on the bruising is getting worse. You see pinprick bleeding under her skin. She cuts herself on a toy and the bleeding takes too long to clot.

Your doctor says that she may have the warning signs of leukemia and takes a blood sample. The test is positive Shock sets in.

You may know that leukemia treatments includes chemotherapy.  You wonder what are the causes of leukemia.

Unfortunately this scenario plays out far too often; and what is even worse, the medical community completely misunderstands this condition.

There are two main types of this disease: acute and chronic which are further divided accordingly into the types of blood or lymph cells involved.

Acute leukemia symptoms come on suddenly while chronic leukemia develops slower and is caused by reoccurring or partially resolved conflicts.

This malady is a healing phase of a severe self-devaluation conflict,which is usually caused within the family . During the conflict active phase osteolysis or bone tissue and marrow loss occurs.

This bone loss is also called bone cancer, which is ludicrous: holes in the bones being called a cancer. Where are the undifferentiated cells masses? 

During this conflict active phase the bone marrow loss can cause anemia symptoms. In the healing phase the immature leukocytes aid in the bone marrow repair process.

Little children are very sensitive to criticism....

The longer the conflict active phase the more severe the brain swelling in the healing phase. This swelling can be life threatening. Your medical doctor should be made aware of this brain edema and treat it with the proper medications. Hopefully it will not be mistaken for a brain glioma.

Incidentally, chemotherapy is an excellent anti-inflammatory, though it's side effects are ugly and sometimes fatal. I personally would choose a safer anti-inflammatory.

Little children are very sensitive to criticism, please be careful with what is said to them. Statements like “you’re stupid” or “I wish you were never born” can start this disease process.

Babies and the unborn can also receive self-devaluation conflicts through their mother. An unexpected nasty insult during pregnancy that upsets the mother will also will affect the fetus.

In the past lymphatic leukemia in little children was considered harmless and safely left untreated.

Finding and resolving the causes of leukemia at the emotional root may enhance and quicken the medical treatments.

It may also help to prevent any rebound or future relapses.

If your child or baby is suffering from leukemia, the mother must participate in a consulting session.


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