What is Sinusitis?

You may be wondering what is sinusitis? Is it difficult to breath through your nose? Always plugged? It can be annoying especially if you are trying to sleep.

Chronic sinusitis symptoms can include ear aching; pain behind the eyes, discharge of yellow or greenish fluid either the back of the throat or out of the nose. Acute sinusitis can sometimes be very painful.

Sinusitis is a healing phase condition based in ectodermic tissue. It could involve infections and allergies. In some cases antibiotics for sinusitis can speed up and ease the healing process.

I have used acupressure to successfully help relieve sinusitis symptoms. But I find this relief can be temporary in a good number of cases. However this page is dedicated to treating chronic sinusitis; those difficult cases that the doctors fails to cure.

Chronic sinusitis is caused by a conflict that is not completely resolved. This includes a fear or apprehension about smelling something or somebody such as an intruder. “This stinks”, with feeling of apprehension, “I want this smell out of here”; are some of the conflicts I have uncovered that lead to remission.

Other factors are tears that have not been shed, trying to keep oneself distant from others, repressed feelings of rage, anger and grief. Feelings of unresolved guilt often reaching back to childhood or even into the family tree. 

Typical case:

Gilbert, 50 years old had chronic sinusitis for 35 years. Every night his nose would plug up and make it difficult to sleep. I asked him what happened when he was 15? After some questioning he admitted that he didn’t bathe for a week and the students at school made fun of him that he smelled bad. He felt very embarrassed and and ashamed.

His mother always complained about washing clothes, so he would not change his clothing thereby giving his mother less work to do.

He was instantly cured when he made the connection between his bad smell and his nasal congestion. To say that he was pleased is an understatement.

Typical case: 

Terry, 72 years old was complaining that her nose has been plugged for over a year. I explained to her what is sinusitis, and if we can find the original conflict(s) she would likely find relief.

She told me that she was living with her daughter-in-law and they did not get along. Terry’s daughter-in-law would clean everything with Clorox and the smell really bothered Terry. She wanted it to stop, but her daughter-in-law refused and began to use even more Clorox.

Terry’s sinusitis symptoms instantly cleared up when we uncovered her conflict.

Sherry, 41.  She worked in an electronic clean room and the lady that worked next to her always wore heavy perfume. Sometimes she felt nauseous.  She asked the coworker to please cut back on the perfume and she did so,  but even this still bothered Sherry.  Sherry was too embarrassed to say anything.

Due to a labor strike Sherry found another job, but the sinusitis continued for over a decade.  But once she realized the connection between the perfume and the chronic plugged nose, she was instantly healed and it never returned. 

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