What is mononucleosis?

What is mononucleosis? Is is a repair phase illness. It involves ectodermic tissue and the accompanying organism is the Epstein-Barr virus. Both the virus and conflict must be present for the disease to manifest itself.

The symptoms of mononucleosis include sore throat, fatigue, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged spleen, and sometimes an enlarged liver.

Is mononucleosis contagious? Yes, but you must be exposed both to the virus and have had a triggering conflict. The virus is spread by saliva, such as sharing drinks or kissing (also called "kissing disease").

Their are several conflicts that can trigger this. Feeling overwhelmed by a task, feeling alone or abandoned within the family, or "I'm not ready for sexual activity".

How to cure mononucleosis:

Mononucleosis is very easy to self treat. Usually, mononucleosis takes months, sometime years, to recover from. With ECIWO acupuncture even the most skeptical patients recover in three to five days.

Usually the liver point on the left hand (spleen) is most sensitive. But explore and work with the tenderest point first.

Typical case:

Adult mononucleosis: 38 year old man. He was overwhelmed trying to start a business while holding down a full time job. He felt unsupported by his family and his body was telling him to slow down.

He was unable to work for 3 months because of mono. I showed him how to treat himself with acupressure and he fully recovered in 3 days.

Typical case:

14 year old girl. She had a severe case of mononucleosis. She was being overwhelmed by her boyfriend who was pressuring her to have sex. After spurning him she contracted mononucleosis.

She fully recovered within 5 days using ECIWO acupressure. Typical case:

Boy 12, girl 15, brother and sister became ill at the same time. Their father had left home because of marital discord. Two months later he returned home and the children went into the healing phase(mononucleosis)of an abandonment conflict.

After 5 months of refusing treatment,  they received ECIWO acupressure and both fully recovered in 3 days.

Now you know what is mononucleosis and you can learn how to treat yourself with the information on this website at no charge. 

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