What is Kidney Disease?

What is Kidney Disease?

It is the gradual lose of kidney function. The earliest symptoms of kidney disease are often unnoticed.

Symptoms of kidney disease:

⋄ Swelling of the feet, ankles, legs, face or hands.

⋄ Increased urination, changes in color, blood in urine, or difficulty urinating.

⋄ Fatigue. The kidneys are not producing hormones that affect the blood and causes anemia.

⋄ Itching, the itching seems to go deep as the bone. Some people even scratch themselves raw.

⋄ Nausea and vomiting because of build up of wastes in the blood.

⋄ Metallic like taste in the mouth

⋄ Breath smells like ammonia.

⋄ Dizziness, loss of memory, unable to concentrate.

⋄ Getting out of breath easily.

⋄ Pain in the legs or kidney area.

⋄ Feeling cold due to the anemia.

Reversing kidney disease is possible when the subconscious conflicts are discovered and resolved. Kidney disease diets may temporarily help with what is kidney disease, but these diets are not a cure.

Conflicts relating to kidney disease:

Life is too hard. “I am nothing,” “I want to cease to exist,” Feeling forsaken or abandoned. Feelings lost in life, there is no purpose to live anymore.

Feelings of having lost everything. Giving up on life. Tending to focus on negativity. Feeling disempowered and unimportant. Deep sadness and being a "victim". 


Monica, school teacher, age 48 was first diagnosed in stage 3 kidney disease and was worsening over the course of several years. Her doctor was beginning to suggest the possibility of dialysis.

Monica was from the Philippines and left behind 2 small children with her mother and moved to the USA. She was intent on earning money to support her family and put her children through the university.

She felt a huge sense of loss leaving her family behind. Her children grew up and in spite of all of her sacrifice did not appreciate her efforts.

She regretted her decision and felt her sacrifice was of no use and that she wasted her life away. She was suffering from depression and just wanting to disappear.

She was reluctant to face that her attitude was causing her serious health problems, but chose to plow through them anyway. She responded very well and overcame her conflicts.

Today her kidneys are perfectly fine and she managed to repair her relationships with her family. She is very happy to have overcome what is kidney disease. She could not believe how easy it was to put behind her.

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