What is Fibromyalgia?

What is fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia symptoms include chronic pain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and some people also feel numbness and tingling. It is believed that stress may be a major factor with this syndrome.

There are no conclusive tests that can positively diagnose it. Typically the tender acupuncture points are at the ECIWO head points all over the body. Some cases the acupuncture points show no tenderness. 

The causes are unknown to medical science. 

Any new medicine for fibromyalgia is bound to fail unless the emotional conflicts are resolved.

The main simultaneous conflicts:

♦ A feeling of depreciation and being unwanted, life is a fight

♦ Powerlessness, "Everything I do is wrong", moving is dangerous. A trauma of rape may be involved.

Never enough time to get things done. Resistant to growth and learning new things, stubborn refusal to listen to others. and hypersensitive to criticism. 

♦ A vertical or symbolic fall. Falling off a ladder, stairs, and even a bungee jump was indicated in one case. One person "fell" from his faith and became agnostic.

♦ A lack nurturing and healthy attention by a loved one.

♦ Fear and suppression of one's own power or special gift (or curse as some see it). 

Case: A teenage girl, 19, was constantly being criticized by her mother, "I could do nothing right; I could say nothing right". She cried herself to sleep every night.

The people in her church were pressuring her to marry a young man that she was not sure about. She quit attending church. She felt that she was being pushed into a moral dilemma.

She hated her mother. Her father and mother often argued over her. Her father taking her side and her mother was using guilt attempting to control the both of them.

Her mother told her the pain was "all in her head". "you are looking for attention".  Eventually her mother threw her out of the home, because she was dating somebody that didn't go to her church. 

(religious ignorance and bigotry causes more harm than good)

Her condition improved slightly with one session. She then refused any further work.

It is possible to overcome fibromyalgia. There is hope for this excruciatingly painful disorder. Just remember the resistance to change is only a symptom.

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