What is Bone Cancer?

What is bone cancer? (also known as osteosarcoma). Bones are made of mesodermic tissue therefore this is a resolution or rebuilding phase of so-called cancer.

Diseases of the bone are all based upon self-devaluation conflicts.

In the conflict active phase bone osteolyses or holes form. Sometimes this is mistaken for a bone eating cancer. How can holes be called a bone cancer?

When bone begins to heal from resolving a self-devaluation conflict the holes begin to fill in with callus. This can be quite painful and is often mistaken for cancer.

Osteosarcomas form when there is a break, cuts or a tear in the periosteum or the skin that covers the bone. This can occur from fractures or even from surgery.

Rapidly growing teenager's bones can outgrow the periosteum and tear. The leaking out callus can form osteosarcomas or mistaken for bone cancer.

Bone scans are not a reliable test as they can not distinguish between new growth, tumors or infections.

Typical cases.

Woman, 90. A number of years before she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. She felt a self devaluation in the way she looked.

Later as she became used to missing a breast, the ribs and shoulder bones were diagnosed with bone cancer. We worked together treating herself for the fear of the diagnosis  She elected to forgo treatments. Her "cancer" never spread beyond the bones. The pain left. She lived 4 more years and passed on peacefully.

Man, 72 diagnosed with prostate cancer. Doctors noticed "bone eating cancer" in his pelvis.  A year later the bone cancer had become dense on the bone scans, but didn't spread. He had no pain nor symptoms.

I explained that there is no such thing as "bone eating cancer", but it is osteolysis.  When the osteolysis heals,  it heals denser and stronger than the original bone and is often misdiagnosed as cancer. 

It appears the osteolysis occurred from a sense of devaluation regarding sexual soiling and other issues related to the prostate cancer. 

This gentleman fully recovered. 

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