What is a heart murmur?

If you are wondering what is a heart murmur you have come to the right place. A murmur is an abnormal rushing or swishing sound that your doctor can hear though his stethoscope.

Doctors do not really know what causes this, but the good news is most heart murmurs are not considered serious. This non-serious condition is called an innocent heart murmur.

However there other complications that could cause serious problems with your health.

This is why heart murmur symptoms should be taken seriously. If you are suffering from:

♦ chest pain,

♦ a rapid heartbeat,

♦ shortness of breath,

♦ anemia,

♦ tiredness or fatigue,

♦ In severe cases your fingertips may turn blue from the lack of oxygen.

In these cases heart murmur treatment often consists of surgery to fix a valve or a leak. I am aware of a case that had spontaneously healed after two failed surgeries once the conflicts have been discovered and resolved.

Often these problems stem from communication problems within the family. You may have been forced to give up somebody you loved. Your father may have broken off relations with his father, or your mother may not be getting along with her sister.

For common heart murmurs an extra demand is placed on the heart. You are trying to love more that what is possible or trying to love somebody that is unlovable. Remember you must love yourself first before you can truly love others.

Typical case:

Karl, 12 years old was born with an infant heart murmur. At that time the doctor explained what is a heart murmur to his parents. However, they were now concerned that he was not growing out of it. He was also concerned because he would always be the first to tire out while bicycling or skate boarding with his friends.

I asked his mother what happened during her pregnancy? She said that everything was normal. I asked her if she had any relationship problems with her husband, then she remembered that he had become distant and was avoiding her for several months.

She thought it was her fault and she tried harder to fix him by being extra loving and affectionate. It was not her fault, her husband hated his job and he could not sleep at night because of it.

His way of coping (not healthy) was to isolate himself; he still loved his wife and could not understand why she was blaming herself for his problem.

I then worked with Karl helping him to overcome the conflict he inherited from his mother. He quickly overcame the conflicts. Within the week he went to the doctor and the doctor said, “he grew out of his heart murmur”.

I was told a year later Karl joined his Jr. High school track team and had won several medals.

Children are easy to work with, they heal quickly, often bypassing the healing phase altogether. 

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