What Causes Testicular Cancer?

What causes testicular cancer? Doesn't it get tiring? Condition after condition with unknown causes. Science is looking in the wrong places and can't or won't get out of the box.

There are two types of this cancer. One involves endodermic tissue which grows during the conflict active phase. This is call a Teratoma.

The other involves mesodermic tissue that breaks down in the conflict active phase and then grows in the repair phase. This is sometimes called a cyst, these cysts can accumulate and is then called cancer.

If you have any of the warning signs of testicular cancer, such as lumps, pain, swelling hardness, you should see your physician right away.

Should you have a diagnosis of testicular cancer, be sure to know exactly which type it is.

The conflict involved are deep feelings of loss of a loved one. It could be a child, mother, father, a dear friend or even a favorite pet. The loss could be from a death or moving away.

The left testicle indicates the lose of a child and the right indicates the loss of a spouse, parent or friend.

Sometimes the cause can be an ugly conflict with a woman.


Man 44, very healthy and into martial arts and supplements. He never been sick a day of his life, is suddenly diagnosed with testicular cancer.  

His son was lost in a tragic accident, only 12 years old.  It was his only child and his pride and joy. He tried to be tough and "be a man" and didn't complete the grief process. 

He fully recovered in 3 months once he saw the connection with the cancer, the grief and the loss of his son. 

He has now incorporated the Inner Influencing process into his martial arts teaching and his students are gaining greater and greater freedom from their emotional blocks and discomforts.  

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