What Causes Skin Cancer?

What causes skin cancer? Ultraviolet rays often get the blame. But then there are people that get skin cancer who carefully stay out of the sun.

I have found that the 3 types of skin cancer have the same types of unexpected shocks regarding a feeling of being soiled or a need for protection on that part of the skin.

This involves the dermis which is controlled by the old mesoderm of the brain. Skin cancer is conflict active. In the healing phase the skin cancer mass diminishes into a cyst.

Melanomas have a very strong sense of soiling involved, a feeling of an attack on one's integrity. There is also a tendency to refuse to look at ones own deep emotional issues, giving away one's power to others, playing the victim. 

Some people with a history of skin cancer have it surgically removed, only to have it return months or years later. Because the original emotional trauma has not been removed.

Skin cancer and the sun.

I believe that a sense of revulsion to your own skin and sunburn, the peeling and the pain all contribute to the later (sometimes years later)growth of a skin cancer.

One veteran contacted me with a huge melanoma, he swore he got it from depleted uranium. He had a sense of contamination + he refused to see that this sense of contamination is being only a feeling.    

Sorry to say he did not survive, he refused to work on his internal emotions.  

Another young man had so many small melanomas that it looked like he had freckles.  He was a womanizer and bragged that he could "lay" a different woman every night.  But he had a strong sense of feeling contaminated of just being "gross".   He also refused to work on his issues and I never heard from him again. 

Typical case:

Steve, an elderly gentleman was diagnosed with skin cancer on the forehead. It was surgically removed twice before. He called me by telephone and wanted to know what causes skin cancer?

I asked him if he could recall ever feeling soiled or dirty on the forehead. He immediately recalled working in a coal mine over 50 years ago.

He said that he hated the job, he hated seeing and feeling his forehead covered with black coal dust. He hated it so much that quit the job after only one week in the mines.

We worked together on overcoming his sense of feeling soiled and dirty on the forehead.

He came by 2 months later and the skin cancer was gone without a trace. His forehead looked much better, even the liver spots cleared up. He was very pleased.

Typical case:

Kathy 49, was worried and frightened when a skin cancer appeared on her forehead. I asked her if she ever felt soiled there.

She recalled that when she was eleven years old, she was playing with her uncle and he "passed gas" on her forehead. She in a panic ran to the bathroom and washed her face over and over with soap and water for fifteen minutes.

I then showed her how to treat herself for the soiled feelings she was subconsciously hanging on to. Afterward she said that she "never felt so clean in her life". The skin cancer never returned.

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