What Causes Shingles?

It is believed that a virus called herpes zoster is what causes shingles. The virus does play a role but it is not the cause.

You are not feeling well; you have a headache, some nausea and diarrhea, but no fever. You develop a painful rash with blisters on the left side of your chest. You have the most common symptoms of shingles

Are shingles contagious? No, you cannot get it unless you have both the virus and the root conflicts. This involves ectodermic tissue while in the healing phase.

What causes shingles is a conflict of separation often accompanied by a sense of defilement. Often there is a stress caused by somebody in authority.

It can also show up where you may have been hit or beaten accompanying the above conflicts. There is also a strong element of feeling not good enough and a sense of wanting to give up.

Typical case.

Albert, 10 years old developed shingles symptoms on the left side of his chest. It was very painful and it continued for months. I asked him if somebody was taken away from him? He said no, but then remembered that he had some baby opossums that he rescued from their dead mother.

He went to a neighbor and proudly showed him the babies. The neighbor snatched the box with the helpless little creatures, poured them into the toilet and flushed; saying that theses are nothing but vermin.

Albert became livid against this man and absolutely hated him. Every time he saw the man it would rekindle his conflict. We worked together to resolve his conflicts.

The shingles went away after two weeks.

Typical case:

Corry, 75 developed a very painful shingles rash on the back of her left hand. hand. She received a knock at the door and there were two probation officers looking for her son.

She said he was not there, but out looking for a job. One of the officers began to get “testy” wanting to enter the home. She refused to let him in and he began screaming at the top of his lungs, accusing her of hiding her son.

She was afraid her son was going back to prison and she felt defiled by the officer. I worked with her and she soon recovered in about two weeks.


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