What Causes Ovarian Cancer?

What causes ovarian cancer? Science it at a loss to explain the cause. There are some correlations, having a child, birth control pills seem to lower the risk.

The causes are the same as in men's testicular cancer. The ovaries develop from the same embryonic tissue as the testes.

What causes this cancer is the shock trauma of a loosing a loved family member, friend or even a pet.

Its interesting that the correlations of reduced risk psychologically involve "not having a loved one", or "I am not able to produce a loved one". Science sort of gets it, sometimes.

Broken relationships, shame, humiliation and grief, a belief that women are weak, denying your own femininity are also contributing factors.

During the conflict active phase necrosis or tissue breakdown occurs. When the conflict has been resolved the tissue begins to repair itself in the form of cysts.

A proliferation of these repair phase cysts can be erroneously called cancer. One of the ovarian cyst symptoms is a woman looks younger because these cysts increase her estrogen.

If you are having any symptoms of ovarian cancer, such as urinary urgency, digestive problems, or pain, swelling or pressure in the pelvic region, see your physician.

Please be advised the CA 125 test can give false positives, do not rely solely on one exam, get further collaboration. 

Ovarian teratoma is an odd phenomenon. It is caused by a loss conflict of loosing a child. It is a form of incomplete parthenogenesis or asexual reproduction.


Corrie, 72.  She was feeling rejected by her own daughter. The daughter felt her mother was controlling and domineering, so she avoided contact and moved thousands of miles away.  

The woman was in total denial and could not see that she was driving away her own daughter, she felt a sense of loss. She only wanted the best for her and loved her dearly.

Corrie completely recovered. Her friends accused her of "faking it" to get attention because she recovered in only 2 months. 


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