What Causes Lung Cancer?

What causes lung cancer? There is evidence that smoking causes lung cancer. Non-smokers also get it, but its rare in pets that are exposed to secondhand smoke.

I'm not advocating smoking in any way, but my experience shows that smoking is a secondary issue. Could the fear of smoke be the trigger?

Lung cancer is often found as a secondary or "metastatic" condition. But the question is how do prostate cancer cells start growing in the lungs and then become lung cancer cells?

I believe the theories are wrong. Searching for a cure for lung cancer will be in vain, unless we look into the emotional aspects of the mind and body first. 

I look at malignant lung cancer as 2 distinct types. (Contrary to medical science). One with multiple cancers throughout the lungs. The other is a single tumor.

What causes lung cancer with multiple tumors is a fright for one's own life, or a death fright.

The cause of a single tumor is a death fright for another.

Bitterness, anger, looking for a way out of life, inability to forgive, overly critical of self and others are major contributors to this dreaded condition. 

Typical case:

A 43 year old woman developed lung cancer signs and symptoms after her son was seriously injured in a traffic accident. She had a single tumor the size of a large hen's egg.

Two months prior to the diagnosis, she heard her son was hurt and hurried to the hospital. He wasn't there and nobody knew his whereabouts. She was very upset and found him the next day in a hospital 2 hours away.

We worked together on the telephone and she resolved her issues.

The next day she went into the resolution phase and developed "bronchitis" with fever and heavy coughing. The coughing lasted a month, at times she coughed up blood.

Later the cancer mysteriously vanished. The chemo must have worked.....

Typical case:

A man 79, had 14 tumorous nodules in both lungs. Several years before he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had a terrible death fright from the diagnosis and prognosis.

We worked together helping him overcome the shock and fright. I told him what causes his lung cancer was a death fright.

That afternoon he began coughing. He went to his doctor and was given antibiotics.

His "bronchitis" lasted 6 weeks. He stayed in bed, suffering from fever, coughing and infections. After the bronchitis had run its course, X-rays were taken.

The physician scratched his head and said, "Its all gone". He kept checking back and forth between the X-rays in amazement. He still doesn't know what causes lung cancer.

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