What Causes Hypertension?

In spite of all the money poured into research, what causes hypertension in most cases it is still unknown.

Symptoms of hypertension often go unnoticed. However in advanced cases dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nosebleeds and confusion are some of the symptoms.

Uncontrolled hypertension can cause serious complications including coma and has been linked to stroke.

Lack of exercise, smoking, a salty diet, obesity, alcohol, stress and heredity may contribute to the disease.

Hypertension is a conflict active condition involving the glomeruli of the kidneys.

I found what causes hypertension is a conflict with liquids. Sometimes a near drowning experience can trigger this disease, even many years after the triggering event.

I also find a sense of injustice can or feelings of disappointment with love can trigger this condition. Putting too much pressure on yourself, worried about things you can't control. Hidden feelings of hate, rage and anger. Wanting others to like you, trying hard to please others.

Typical case:

An elderly women had hypertension for over 50 years. As a child her grandmother would walk her to and from school.

A canal ran along the road and the grandmother would push the girl to the edge of the canal. She would then threaten the girl that if she didn't behave she would push her in.

She had intense phobias of water and heights. We worked together and in one session she overcame her shock and phobias.

Her blood pressure improved considerably though she still uses medication.

Typical case:

Man 42 years old had high blood pressure since he was a teenager. He is in excellent shape and participates in marathons.

At 10 years of age he had a near drowning experience. He believed he no longer feared water as he is an avid fisherman. He also suffered a large loss of liquidity in the stock markets.

We worked together over the telephone and he overcame his fears and sense of injustice in one session. With his physician's approval he no longer needs medication.

Susan 37, she was an angry, controlling woman, though she didn't realize it.  Her family however were very well aware of it. She was always pushing her self past her limits trying to please others, but angry that she had to work so hard at pleasing others. 

We discovered the anger and control were childhood issues because her mother had the same attitude ( she was in denial about this).  She tried so hard to please her mother, but never could please her.  Her husband did all he could to work late or find excuses to avoid her. 

What she could not see was she was driving her husband away, but in her mind it was all his fault and neglect. 

She began to work on herself and one day had the ah-ha moment, it was herself that was driving everybody away from her. 

It took her several months of self work, but her pressure normalized, her relationships improved and she all around felt better.

Thanks Susan for not giving up and sticking with it.  

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