What Causes Headache?

Medical science has yet to find an answer for what causes headache. They basically treat the symptoms and “manage” headaches with medications. Alternative practitioners may suggest magnesium or other supplements which help temporarily.

Acupuncture and headache:

Acupuncture or acupressure has been found to be helpful as a migraine relief alternative. Acupressure helps in about 50% of headache cases.

ECIWO acupressure/acupuncture is more effective than traditional acupuncture and it helps in over 85% of cases.

But none of these get to the root causes of migraine headaches or any other types of headache.

The two types of non-tumor headache:

Conflict active headaches:

♦ Violent migraines, where you cannot tolerate light or noise. This could occur if you cannot tolerate to see or hear something, because you have no solution.

Perhaps you have a fear of being seen, or refuse to accept reality or truth about a situation? Perhaps you feel too much pressure to perform or are intellectually overwhelmed?

♦ Tension or compression headache victims are people that tend to use denial as a defense mechanism. You may say to yourself “It’s no big deal, it isn’t worth bothering about”. Are you a person that refuses to admit or feels guilty about your limitations?

If you are serious about overcoming what causes headache start keeping a journal and note any patterns to you headaches. Pay close attention to what you are thinking when a headache comes on and write it down.

Life has a way of repeatedly bringing back issues that we haven’t resolved. It is nature’s way of reminding you that you need to resolve a conflict. If you do not resolve it then a descendant of yours will have deal with it.

Healing phase headaches.

♦ Migraines that pulsate and move outwards. These are caused by edema or swelling in the brain. Where you feel the pain indicates what type of conflict you resolved or partially resolved.

Keep your liquid intake down during this healing phase headache. Taking diuretic herbs such as dandelion root, parsley, corn silk or juniper berries will help relieve the edema.

Most of the time we do not pay attention to these brain edemas as they often last a few seconds or a minute or two. Most of the time these edemas are harmless.

I have learned to recognize these, and they always relate to some personal conflict that I have been working on. Sometimes they occur right away and at other times a day or two later.

Large brain edemas can be very dangerous. Swellings in the brain are enclosed within the skull; the swelling has nowhere to go and creates pressure. Surgery in these cases is critical for your survival.

Typical case:

Sheree, 17 has been having weekly reoccurring migraines for a year. She could not stand light or any noise and she felt nauseated. Her doctor prescribed a powerful pain medication that left her feeling "not all there".

I asked her what was going on when she had her first migraine. She mentioned that her mother was putting unreasonable pressure on her to excel in school. Her mother was constantly on her back; Sheree said, "The only thing she talks about are my grades".

The migraines made the problem worse with her mother because Sheree began missing classes and falling behind.

I spoke with her mother about what causes headaches. She was incredulous that it was her pressure that was causing her daughter's migraines. She very reluctantly agreed to back off and leave Sheree in peace.

Sheree and I worked together resolving her conflicts. Within 10 minutes her migraines had stopped forever.

You no longer have to suffer from reoccurring headaches; once you discover your conflict you can be free once and for all.

Additional emotional issues:   

Feelings of not being loved or valued, guilt, anxiety, a need for self punishment, angry or annoyed with others "he gives me a headache". 

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