What Causes Gout?

Do you believe what causes gout is eating rich foods, lots of juicy thick steaks, expensive wines and fancy deserts? Is your gout diet not working?

Gout is a very common affliction in Africa. Many of the victims are also suffering from malnutrition. A diet that is too rich is not the cause.

You wake up one morning with pain in your left big toe. It is red and swollen. It hurts so much you can’t stand the bed sheet touching it. You avoid standing and walking because of the pain. It hurts just thinking about putting on your shoe. Sounds like you have gout symptoms.

Your doctor tells you three quarters of all gout cases affect the big toe, though it can sometimes affect the knees or fingers. He gives you some gout remedies that help you feel much better. But in time, it keeps coming back every few months.

You look for alternative gout treatments, but just as conventional medicine they only treat the symptoms.

What causes gout then?

This is a complicated syndrome with two conflicts present at the same time.

You are in an conflict active abandonment/existence conflict, either you feel abandoned or you abandoned somebody else. Or you may feel your existence is doubtful. This conflict affects kidneys

Your are in the healing phase of a self-devaluation conflict, which is affecting the bone. The big toe could be related to a self-devaluation in sports activities or to a conflict with your spouse or work mates.

Stress, feeling pressured, self-righteousness, stubborn and only being able to see things your way.  Feeling stuck with responsibilities.

I also examine my client to see if they are pack rats. They can’t let go of anything, not even their junked appliances.

There is a fear present that their existence is in danger; that is why they hang on to and save everything, for that day everything runs out.

Typical case:

Man 35,  He works as an engineer and is constantly under pressure, a religious man with firm convictions who has a tendency to judge others. He is also hard on himself, with a critical eye. 

His condition improved immensely after only one session. He didn't want to admit his judgmental character and self righteousness, but he accepted he was too critical and put too much pressure on himself.  

You can always lie, lie to yourself, but the body never lies. It tells you when you have an unhealthy attitude. 


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