What Causes Breast Cancer?

Again scientists have missed the answer of what causes breast cancer. This is because they assume physical illness must always have physical causes.

Breast cancer causes depends on the conflict, as there are both conflict active and resolution phase breast cancer type.

Lobular carcinoma or glandular breast cancer is a conflict active disease. The affected breast indicates what could be involved in the conflict.

A right handed woman with a tumor in the right breast indicates a serious worry about her partner. The bigger the tumor the longer the conflict has been active.

A right handed woman with a tumor in the left breast indicates a shock trauma involving a child or even sometimes a beloved pet.

This tumor actually can produce more and richer milk to better nurse your child or husband back to health.

In the resolution phase the tumor is no longer "needed", it begins to break down. Fever, pain, chills, exhaustion and mycosis (fungal infections) set in.

This fungus and mycobacteria actually aid in the breakdown of the tumor.

If no bacteria are present or repeated shock conflicts occur then a benign tumor may remain.

Nevertheless if you have any of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer its important to remain under the care of your physician. Please be certain that the infections don't get out of control.

Typical cases:

Leticia 40, and right handed, called me wanting to know what causes breast cancer. She was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the left breast.

She explained to me that her son nearly died in a motorcycle accident. For months Leticia nursed her son , until he recovered from his injuries.

Against her wishes he returned to riding motorcycles and Leticia was worried to tears that he would get killed.

We worked together over the telephone. She began to recover, suffering from exhaustion, fever, sweats and chills. Her physician didn't understand the fever and he frightened her.

(Note: I have since started using Inner Influencing as a clearing too. These awful healing phases can now be avoided.  Healing comes easy, normal and natural). 

Again we worked together and she overcame the fear and the cancer mysteriously disappeared two months later.

Intraductal breast cancer is a resolution phase cancer. It affects the milk ducts which are ectodermic in origin.

In the conflict active phase ulceration or breakdown occur in the milk ducts. In the resolution phase the tissue over repairs itself and is mistaken for a malignant cancer.

These conflicts often involve separation. Left breast is separation from a child, right breast is caused by a separation or lack of communication with the spouse. 

Jody, 48.  She was a caretaker for a baby for a wealthy family.  She really loved this baby.  One day the father returned home and with the utmost vulgarity fired her.  She had no idea why this happened.  

Several months later she developed intraductal breast cancer. This cancer had grown to a huge size and recommended she have it surgically removed as such a large cancer (13 Kilo) may overwhelm her body in the breakdown or healing phase. 

She had it removed and quickly recovered without any complications or lymphomas

Now you know what causes breast cancer, now let us look at other female conditions.

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