What Causes Arthritis?

What causes arthritis? As with so many other health issues, medical science is at a loss to explain its causes.

I know a beekeeper that claims to be cured from getting bee-stings, but he failed to take into account the quitting a job he hated to start his bee operation could have any effects. 

The good news is the cause is known to a handful of holistic practitioners. Its easy to cure if you accept that emotions are the major player behind this malady. 

Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis are resolution phase syndromes. In the conflict active phase painless necrosis starts in the joint. When the conflict begins to resolve the swelling and stiffness set in.

This may lead you to a self depreciation conflict, thinking something like: "Oh no, I have arthritis. I'm going to be an invalid with ugly crooked joints." This then restarts the conflict active phase and you will a few good days.

You then think something like: "Oh, the pain is gone, I must be getting better". The resolution or healing phase then restarts with the pain and swelling.

This cycle or syndrome gradually becomes worse causing the joints to deform with pain and discomfort.

The original cause of arthritis is a self-devaluation conflict, often involving somebody else. You may see your children failing, and your self value may involve their success.

There is also an element of refusal to accept the situation, a struggle or fight. Resentments, shame, difficulty forgiving yourself and others. Feeling stuck in life.

If you have the common symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis you likely have a conflict of self depreciation related to an action.

For example, a woman drops her grandmother's favorite drinking cup. She feels very sorry, scolds herself for being clumsy. The symptoms begin in the offending hand.

Osteoarthritis is a resolution phase of a self-devaluation relating to the affected part of the body. There is a passive element, resignation to the conflict. "I don't like it, but there is nothing I can do".

Typical case:

A woman came to me with rheumatory arthritis in her knees. I asked her when did the problem start. She said around the time her son got off of drugs. Daily she went to church for two years, kneeling in prayer for her son.

She wondered what kind of mother she was that her son would turn to drugs? She also devalued herself by thinking that she is not good enough for God to listen to her.

She worked on resolving the conflicts. She healed herself in one session. She now knows first hand what causes arthritis.

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