What Causes Anemia?

It is generally believed that an iron or B12 deffiency is what causes anemia. There are several different types of this malady. I will focus on the cases that dietary supplements don’t seem to improve.

Anemia Symptoms:

♦Shortness of breath

♦ Feelings of weakness

♦ Fatigue

♦ Your skin looks pale

♦ Feeling lightheaded or dizzy

Symptoms of severe anemia:

♦ Chest pain, heart attack, murmur

♦ Yellow eye whites or skin.

♦ Rapid breathing and heart rate

♦ Spleen enlargement.

♦ Hypotension and/or fainting

If you have an anemia diagnosis, please be certain that there is no blood loss from stomach ulcers or intestinal bleeding.

The Root Causes of Anemia

The conflicts that bring on the signs of anemia are a serious devaluation within the family. Perhaps you have feelings that you don’t belong in your family? Is there somebody in the family you would really like to be rid of?

Feelings of dissatisfaction with life, too much worry, loss of interest of living.

Typical case:

Janet 72 years old with severe anemia. She explained to me that she was living with her son and daughter-in-law. They were mistreating her to the point that she refused to leave her bedroom when they were home. She cried daily and was unhappy.

Due to economic circumstances she was unable to live somewhere else. We worked together to help her to accept her situation and her feelings of devaluation.

Her hemoglobin count improved, but due to her living in an active conflict her hemoglobin is still lower than normal.

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