What Causes Allergies?

What causes allergies is a separation conflict related to a single traumatic event. Allergic reactions are a healing phase syndrome.

For example, I worked with a young lady that had horse allergies, she was also allergic to dust and cottonwood trees. When she was 8 years old she her parent’s farm was foreclosed on and they were forced to sell her horse.

When she learned that the horse was sold she ran out crying towards the corral. There were some cottonwood trees upwind and there was another horse kicking up some dust.

She had three common allergies and symptoms all related to a single event. Every time her subconscious detected the allergens, water would run out of her eyes and nose. (As if she were crying). We worked together and her allergies improved considerably in only one session.

It appears that while a separation trauma is occurring, anything in the environment can become ingrained into the subconscious and associated with the separation.

The subconscious mind does not have any sense of time; there is no past or future,

.....therefore any unresolved conflict buried alive never dies.

Therefore any unresolved conflict buried alive never dies. The conflict always remains in the present.

That is why there seems to be allergies to just about everything and anything; you name it- somebody; somewhere has an allergy to it.

Typical case:

Kyle 12, had dog allergies. He adored dogs. He did not remember any separation event with a dog. His father stepped in and recalled that when Kyle was 3 years old, a black dog jumped over the fence into their yard.

Kyle and the boy quickly attached to each other, but no fence could hold this dog and he would jump out and be gone for several days before returning.

One day Kyle saw “Blacky” running down the street with the dogcatcher puffing behind him. Blacky was caught and Kyle cried has he watched Blacky being loaded into the back of the dogcatcher’s truck. Little Kyle was left standing alone crying and traumatized.

For the next year every time Kyle spied the dogcatcher driving by he would run out fast as his little legs would let him while crying for Blacky.

Upon hearing about this event from his father, Kyle was instantly cured for good.

A major obstacle to discovering what causes allergies is that you may not remember the triggering event. The great breakthrough of Inner Influencing circumvents this and greatly increases your odds of a permanent cure.

There is no longer any need to suffer with allergies. Even deadly penicillin allergies or food allergies can be cured if the triggering event can be uncovered. 

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