What Causes Acne?

A conflict about feelings dirtied or aesthetic depreciation is what causes acne. This condition affects mostly adolescents, but adults can be affected also.

Its about self rejection, hatred, feelings of not being good enough and stress. 

It is common for adolescents to have feelings of low self-esteem about their appearance. Also there is a link between puberty and acne indicating sexual overtones to the condition.

This is a healing phase condition that erupts after the conflict has been resolved. This conflict can be reawakened every month around menstruation. Mesodermic tissue is involved; therefore bacteria are the type of organism present.

I have found that the placebo effect is important for acne relief. Over the counter and natural acne cures help you to feel clean and fresh which helps you to naturally overcome the conflicts at the root of acne.

Acne can become a syndrome, “I look awful with these zits” can and will perpetuate new conflicts. Taking antibiotics reduces the bacterial population associated with pimples; this relieves the swelling and redness, which sometimes is enough to break this emotional cycle of what causes acne.

Typical case:

Miss Stephanie’s (14) parents were looking for natural acne cures when they contacted me. I asked if could speak with Miss Stephanie alone.

I learned that Stephanie was on a school bus trip coming home from a high school basketball game. She turned around and saw a couple behind her performing a sex act. She said she felt “grossed out” and ashamed that these students could do something “so filthy” in a school bus.

She was afraid to tell her parents because they would not allow her to participate in school sports any longer. It bothered her that she felt that she could not speak freely to her parents about many things.

In addition a boy was teasing her about her breasts, which made her feel self conscious and humiliated. We worked together  helping her to overcome the conflicts. At the end of the session she said she felt much better and relieved.

Her acne cleared up completely in three weeks.

Typical case:

Michael, 19 had severe acne and scarring on his upper back. He was using herbs for acne with little success. I asked him who was on his back? He explained that his mother was relentlessly criticizing him about his shyness. (She called it antisocial behavior).

Much as he tried he could do nothing about his shyness. He felt like a looser and was deeply depressed. We worked together to overcome his conflicts.

His acne cleared up in four weeks. In addition he was using Inner Influencing  on his own and was gently overcoming his extreme shyness. He said that he was very happy with the improvements in his life.


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