What causes a heart attack?

What causes a heart attack? A heart attack is a healing phase epileptic seizure of the coronary system.

To better understand I will include here an example that I borrowed from Dr. Claude Sabbah. 

Autumn is the mating season of deer. A large and powerful buck gathers females together in a herd. He guards them day and night from other bucks intent on mating. This is his territory!

Meanwhile his coronary system undergoes a change. The blood vessels expand out, causing micro-serrations, or micro-tears in the blood vessels.

This enables his heart to pump a greater flow of blood, which increases his stamina and strength to defend the territory.

After a few seasons the buck grows older, a little slower and little weaker. A new young buck challenges him and runs him off his territory (the females).

He goes though a territorial loss conflict. Several days later he accepts his loss and the conflict is resolved.

The buck ate the perfect vegan diet, no bacon, no butter, or fatty meat

At the peak of his conflict resolution he experiences the symptoms of massive heart attack and dies.

Upon autopsy, the arteries are clogged full of cholesterol, They say he died of a heart attack.

The buck ate the perfect vegan diet, no bacon, no butter, or fatty meat. So what causes heart attack? Making peace with his loss of territory.

This may seem cruel, but nature no longer needs the buck to perpetuate the species. With humans the causes of heart attack are more complicated.

Have you ever noticed the pattern, whenever an older person doesn't want to relocate and then does; a heat attack ensues a few weeks later? Often heart attack happens some weeks after retirement

If the conflict lasts longer than the gestation period (9 months in humans) the heart attack will be fatal.

Typical case:

John 56, he is given a one day notice to vacate the ranch he was managing. He lived there for eight years and with pride built up the barns and improved the pastures.

The owner came in, immediately abusing and overgrazing the land, thereby ruining the ranch. This really bothered John. His territory was taken and ruined.

John had a heart attack one month later and survived.

The thing what causes a heart attack does not really start in the heart, but within the brain. In the resolution phase a dangerous brain swelling presses on the heartbeat control center.

No amount of CPR or de-fibrillation will make this swelling go down. This is why many heart attack victims die even with these interventions.

Most victims don't notice the headache that goes along with the heart attack. It happens on the right side of the head above the ear. The pain can be intense, but this is ignored due to the panic and attention paid to the failing heart.

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