Love is the most potent force in the universe. Love is the energy that created our universe. Pure love manifests as light, this light is brighter that our sun. Light is pure energy, it is the most potent form of energy.

Our spiritual essence is that of pure power and love.

Water is also pure energy, it's vibrational rate is second only to that of light. Our physical bodies are approximately 65% water. Water has intelligence and also has consciousness as does our light.

Water will take on higher or lower vibrations and these vibrations that are added to the water can be consumed. Water becomes a carrier. Water can be used as a medicine this way. Water will do exactly whatever vibration you put into it. Gratitude is a form of love and the water will take this vibrational frequency into your body.

For years I wondered why Homeopathy works, the solutions are so diluted that it just does not make any scientific sense. But it is not the chemical constituents, it is the vibrational frequency that affects our bodies. The frequencies of the particular herb or substance are imparted to the distilled water and does not diminish upon dilution.

In this sense, Homeopathy won't work for hard core skeptics as their vibrational doubts will override any benefits. Though clients were telling me that they are having great results with Homeopathy  I still had my doubts.  The dramatic changes I have seen in myself and others with the Water Blessing has changed my mind. 

                How to do the Water Blessing.

Take a glass with clean fresh water, it doesn't have to be distilled. Filtered water is okay to use. If you are worried about impurities, you may use bottled water.  

With gratitude thank it in past tense for what you desire your medicine to do.

For example: While holding the glass (you must be able to feel the gratitude) while saying- Thank you, I'm so grateful that you cleared all of the fluoride out of my body. Or. Thank you, I'm so very grateful that you have cleansed my body from all parasites. (parasites are actually useful to a point, they feed on our bodily toxins). Thank you for having cleared that sadness from my body.

Visualize or see it in your imagination. 

This is important:  the power is not in the words, it is in your feelings, visualization and intent.

The Water Blessings you can come up with are endless. Some of the reports I have received are quite interesting. One lady cleared a chronic 7 year bladder infection in less than 3 days. Another reported a massive parasite die-off and passing handfuls of them. One person with skin tags all over his back cleared up in just a few days blessing water to have cleared heavy metals.

Please be careful, as working on too many health issues at once could cause a healing crisis, that is you could get ill. Many serious illnesses are rooted in lack of self love and that includes cancer. You may clear your body to a point, but until you resolve the emotional issues you likely will not be completely healed, or the disease will come back later.

You may also write on paper affirmations and tape them to a smooth bottle facing inwards. Fill the bottle and give it 24 hours and the water will take on the resonance of the message. 


This water is now filled with love and power has totally cleansed ______ out of my body.  You may list physical or emotional issues in the blank.

The bottles should have all labels removed and energy cleansed after every use. If the bottles have differing messages they should not touch as the resonance may cross contaminate and reduce its effectiveness. 

This knowledge is new and was brought to us by divine intervention. If you are open to trying this, we would be interested in hearing your results. It won't cost you anything.

The key words are: believe and intent. 

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