Upper Back Pain Causes

Upper back pain causes:

Fears related to the arms and hands, a fear of dying; or a feeling of self-depreciation that you cannot keep the home together are some of the causes upper back pain. 

Left upper back pain is caused by anger towards your mother and feeling a lack of affection from your mother causes left upper back pain.

Upper back muscle pain may be caused by a conflict of feeling injustice.


Henry 35, worked long hours on a farm, his coworker was brother to the foreman. The brother didn’t carry his weight of the workload and Henry would get blamed for the work not getting done.

Henry could not complain because he feared the foreman would fire him to cover for his brother. He felt he had to do all the work by himself because he could not count on his coworker.

Henry was fired from his job and the upper back muscle pain disappeared within 2 days.

Middle Back Pain:

Middle back pain is caused by conflicts of depreciation of choices made. “I chose to marry this man which I learned was a big mistake and now I’m stuck with him”.

Also it often involves conflicts and resentments within the family. “My father ignores me”, and “I don’t feel I belong in this family”.

Some people have a conflict of self-sufficiency; they cannot trust anybody and insist on doing everything for themselves. This conflict can also affect one's cholesterol levels.


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