Some of the names have been changed by request.

And about those blessings...It's true so thank you Stephen for your help! Everything only started to get really better when I turned to you for help. Thanks to Jem, too. For years she's been convincing me to come to you but I never heed to that. I thought I don't need it. I only came to you when my mother needed help. Then realized that I should've come earlier. My life would've been better years ago if I came to you as soon as Jem told me. Anyway I believe there's always a reason and proper time for everything.  Wam Reora, Daet, Philippines. 

Dear Stephen, am feeling better now after doing all the loops sent by you so far. The intensity of the sensations has come down dramatically. The flaking of the scalp has come down. Hairfall has reduced by 80%> Confidence is coming back. I noticed that when we clear the issues on a daily basis from the mind like very very specific anxieties, pain, resistances, sensations - it goes inside, clears deep rooted stuff and it unwinds from your energy/aura and then the body catches up in form of physical manifestation. 

Mr. Shetty, Mumbai, India. 

On leukemia:

A lot of things have happened. I've found a job! I was offered exactly the position I
wanted. I even used loop-sequence on how much money I wanted them to
offer me and it worked! :) Now I understand why it was so difficult to
find a job before my diagnosis with all those feelings of unworthiness
and low self-esteem I had in me. Inner Influencing helped me regain my
self-confidence I once used to have. I loop-sequence on a daily basis.

There are some people that I find annoying and I used loop-sequence to get rid of my
negative feelings towards them and it didn't quite work since the issue lies in the fact and I wanted them to be and think like I do so I worked on accepting the way they are.

I had a blood test done in Poland in May while visiting my family (you pay for the blood test and no one asks questions whereas in the US you need to have a MD involved) My white blood count is still very high but everything else is within the normal range. I've been also feeling more tired lately but It doesn't freak me out, I understand the process and I know what's going on with me.

I feel so blessed and grateful to be 'enlightened'.

Thank you so much for your kindness helping me, a lot.

My blood pressure was over 180, and I went to doctor and now is perfect.

I don't forget you, you are my best doctor.

good luck and take care always

Dominga, Bagio City, Philippines.

Dear Stephen, i really do appreciate your program. It has helped me a
great deal in my life. Before i started this program, i had given up
on hope and just accepting being a failure but after series of
training sessions with you i have come to believe in myself and see
better light into my relationship with Heavenly Father. It has helped
me to have a better walk with the Holy Ghost. Now i have a better
understanding on how things works for me and increase in my faith. I
thank you for your wonderful program, i shall recommed it to anyone.

Janet, Lagos, Nigeria

Intraductal Breast Cancer and Arthritis 

The RA symptoms are gone at this point. The tumors in the breast are shrinking also, the whole area of the breast is almost flat now. I believe the spasms are the epicrisis. They started on the right side and are working their way to the lower middle back. I'm drinking plenty of water and using the bathroom frequently. 

This is helping greatly with the positivity. Now I just need some physical therapy to regain my strength. My back is so tweaked from it all and these hospital beds do nothing for proper lumbar and cervical support so waking and sleeping are quite unpleasant. 

New York City

Wow! Thanks a lot Stephen. You made my day! This is what i really wanted. And guess what...i tried on the loops you have taught for me and my fiancee and i can see results even how subtle. Truly Jesus says, if we have faith as small as a mustard seed we can move mountains. i can see this is one mystery i mean the INNER INFLUENCING. Get assured i will put into practice the things i learn first to myself and to my loves ones of course to help God in blessing his children on earth.

Again thanks and more power to you.


Samar, Philippines

(Florsinda a year later paid off all of her seemingly impossible debts, remarried and lives in a 15 room home on an island near Vancouver, BC.) These are some of the benefits of not stopping self work. 

How are you? I've been very busy lately. Everything in my life seems to be shifting.

My friends have bought a house for me to live in with another friend. I was given a van. I have fully reconciled with my friend who caused me so much anguish, I've got a clear understanding of how I need to proceed with my struggle with my first husband and my children. I'm filled with hope in the future and faith in God. Most importantly, I am truly happy. It's been a long, long time since I could say that. I still have a lot of work to do but I see things actually getting better instead of my deep dark hole getting deeper and darker.

Meili Tark, Orem, Utah

Thank you Stephen. I had frozen shoulder for 10 years and the doctors said it was permanent. All they could do was prescribe pain medications. I was amazed that the pain went away during our session and its been 2 months now and the pain has not returned.

In addition the Inner Influencing work has freed me of being overly self conscious and shy. Life is so much better now.

Thank you so much, I now have my life back.

Cindi, USA

Stephen Coleman has been helping me with Inner influencing -to help me with my issues of AGORAPHOBIA, and other physical health issues of long standing.

This has been a very deep seated issue for me, and I have found Stephen has been very supportive and patient, always there to lend a hand when I want to run ideas past him , and he also assists me with statements to make to help me.

I am not yet recovered, but I am making good progress. I know that sometimes issues are multi layered and therefore not every issue is going to magically heal overnight.

I find Stephen has good insight and intuition with his Counseling and energy psychology work and certainly I am very happy with the standard of help I have and am receiving. I would easily recommend Stephen if I knew anyone wishing to receive help with Energy Psychology, who had issues that they were unable to resolve on their own. I plan to continue to work with Stephen until I reach my total healing, I value his input.

Jane, Scotland, UK

Saludos Dr. Coleman.

Estoy agradacido que mi corazon ya esta mejor. No entendí como la relacíon entre mis padres afectaba mi salud. Pero, ya puedo subir las escaleras sin cansar y siento bastante mejor.

Suyapa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Hi, Stephen! I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to tell you that I believe I have been feeling effects from the Inner Influencing work. When I first tried it, I felt worse for a day or two, but that makes sense to me, because when stuff gets stirred up to be cleaned out, one can often feel worse before feeling better. Also, I have done self-examination work all through my life, so maybe a lot of stuff has already been cleared, leaving the more deeply rooted problems that are harder to clear out.
But now I have days where I have this new awareness of a deeper happiness and contentment that feels new to me, as if it has been buried and it is now able to begin to emerge. I can sometimes feel that while still feeling some surface anxiety, but the difference it that it is so clear to me how superficial the anxiety is, and how much more real the deeper happiness is.
So, I will continue working with the methods. Thank you!

Karin Childs, Ohio USA 

Dear Mr. Coleman,

You had worked with me 6 months ago. If you remember I had 14 cancerous nodules in my lungs. You did only one session and honestly I didn’t think much of it. I felt a little better, but I thought that I may have been cheated. I’m sorry for feeling that way. After our session I became ill with bronchitis and was in bed for a month. My doctor gave me antibiotics. After I felt better and the doctor wanted to take some x-rays. The x-rays showed no trace of cancer. He double checked everything and said that its gone and that he does not understand what happened.

Thank you so much, you saved me and my family immense grief and hardship.

Steve, California

A few years back I lost my husband and eventually all my friends and relatives showed their back and went away. There were too many responsibilities on my shoulders, my kids were small. But the Lord helped and Strengthened me to overcome all the difficulties in life. Maybe the Lord only helped me to find Stephen. His Inner Influencing therapy had helped me a lot. I had a problem of slip discs,sciatica and joint pain. Due to his therapy i was able to get through this problems and I`m not having them anymore.

I also had Ailurophobia and he worked on this with me. Now cats roam in front of me and I fear no more. He even taught me all this and I tried this on my friends in need and they were also benifited. I`m thankful to Stephen.

Renuka Arora, New Delhi, India


I am living in a different world now. It is REALLY a beautiful place.

Last night I went out with my wife and friends. It was so serene.

I am really excited by how deep we can go here.

Thanks again

Julian,  Melbourne, Australia

ECIWO acupuncture.

"Dear Stephen; I just called my dad on the phone and translated your comments to him about Prof. Zhang. He was now in his practice and was most excited to hear the news. He has been applying the ECIWO technique for a month now and has been very pleased and excited with the good results he has obtained in severe diseases. Remember he is a medical doctor who got his degree as a surgeon but has been doing exclusively acupuncture for many years now. Dozens of his patients have improved much because of this, so he is very happy for them because he is able now to reduce much of their suffering or curing them. He is very excited about talking to you because we were looking for so long the ECIWO books, and we were so confused about all the lack of information and mystery regarding the disappearing of both the works and Prof Zhang himself. And now, with you, he has the chance to speak with one of his students that met him face to face! He has learned much through the books."   "Dad is really blown away with the ECIWO results. He honestly can not believe it". 

 Name withheld.   -Chile. 

Good morning Steve!

This morning after I crawled back into bed I realized that I hadn't had my hand braces on all night. I even have had to take those with me if I've gone to my  parents house for a short time. Anyway, I slept without them last night and I was fine!!! 
Also, my sciatica is not giving me such a difficult time.  It's just a backache now!!! I am so very impressed. 
Thank you again!!!
Mary. USA

On autism:

"Johnny" has improved a lot in his comprehension and communication skills. Thanks to you for your great help!:-) although sometimes he is being a little naughty, probably because he is still a child, but his language skills has improved a lot!

Edel Belleza, Santa Rosa City, Philippines.

On panic attacks:

Im so happy to receive email from you. I am so grateful that you taught me how to loop and this help me overcome my "self issues" one at a time.. to me this is a gift... Your concern and help makes me feel that Heavenly Father really loves me.

I Will continue to loop. Again thanks for sharing this! 

Helen,  South Africa

I wanted to write a testimonial for the loop procedure and for the man who runs this web site. He is a humble yet true healer who wishes to help out of the kindness of his heart, and is not about money, which is so rare to find nowadays. The loop procedure got me through my father's death and the resurfacing of a painful relationships with an ex boyfriend. It is truly a way of life and has immediate and long lasting effects if used regularly. The trick is to incorporate it into daily life. This is a note to anybody who is thinking about learning this technique or taking the help of this web site, please do not hesitate to do it. You will not be sorry if you do. I believe it is a healing technique of the future, and in fact is even too advanced for this modern day. Maybe in several hundred more years this kind of thing will be a daily staple of society. Thank you for what you have done to help me.


Hi Stephen,

I wanted to update you on my progress. A few weeks ago, I started to have a lot of energy and inspiration, cooking foods I really craved and really enjoying the process. Praise God!

I've been having energy to clean the house some and my mind has been clearer, so I can have a  mental list of things to get done throughout the day. I even threw out  a bunch of stuff that's been sitting around the house for years  collecting dust. My kitchen is soooo much less cluttered and cleaner.  A year ago, I didn't want to  do ANYTHING, and I was completely lethargic and sluggish, with no desire to eat or get up for the day. Maybe I was depressed along with the diabetes. 

My parents and one of my brothers came to visit for the weekend, but  this time I wasn't worried before they came and I didn't feel like I  had to defend myself about things. They were only here for two nights though. I got really tired entertaining though because I did a lot of cooking and driving around. But I enjoyed their visit this time.  

I think all that work looping and praying has worked wonders for me, so I wanted to thank you again for caring and advising me.  


Susie L. USA

Here is the same Susie one year later. She actively continued to use the clearing techniques she learned: She only had two sessions and took full advantage of the free email support. 

I'm doing so, so much better than a year ago. I have slowly been throwing things out and reorganizing my home, and as I'm doing that, I feel like I'm reorganizing my life. I know God is orderly, so maybe I am getting closer to Him by my being more organized and being less of a pack rat.

I have enough energy to cook meals and clean the house and  teach my children, and I am so thankful. I still have days when it's not so good, but I am getting better gradually.

I haven't been checking my sugar levels, but I think I am all right now. I think maybe losing weight might help, but my body seems to want to keep it for some reason for now.

I still have temper problems that I can't seem to shake. It's a lot better than before, but I don't like how I still act out in anger or yell. I'm ashamed of that. I've looped on this and prayed about it, but when I'm in the moment, it just seems like that emotion is too powerful and takes hold of me.

May God bless you!! :)

Susie L.

You have a very kind and happy spirit. You have influenced my life a lot. You are truly an angel sent from above to light my way when it was dark. Thank you.  Name withheld by request.

Thanks again Stephen,

And I think the commitment became more natural. You had helped me a lot in my approach for love. Thank you so much. More power to you! feel more empowered because of the knowledge you have given to me. It helps me a lot truly. 


More on ECIWO, by Dr. Mirjam Golub, Anesthesiologist and acupuncturist.  Slovenia. 

It’s been a long time when we have a discussion about ECIWO acupuncture. I must tell you that I do this technique couple of times in hemiparesis because of stroke and vasculitis of brain stem (with hemiparesis on right side in both patients)and it worked. In both cases the strength of upper and lower limb becomes better after the first acupuncture seance. I do 10 treatments and the results were great. I use it also in other diseases but the most magic results were on paresis of limbs. The technique is easy and good.....

.... I use ECIWO whenever it is possible. And interesting thing is that I always use it on one hand and it always worked In paresis of the limbs. I examine the patients before and after acupuncture with ECIWO and the strength of limbs were always better after the first treatment. I repeated 10 times because the diseases were hard and chronic. The women with autoimmune vasculitis of brain stem was on wheelchair when we started acupuncture. First I treated with scalp acupuncture, but we had a long Plato of the healing. Then I found the ECIWO and I treated her with ECIWO because she was very sensitive on scalp. I did ECIWO 10 times and she found out that the strength in the right arm and leg (which was pathetic) become stronger and the speaking and swallowing also become better. When I first saw this women she couldn’t speak, hard swallowing, hard opening the mouth, very bad hemiparesis spastica on right arm and leg, very depressed and always in the wheelchair. After 30 acupuncture seances in 4 months ( once- twice/ week) she came to my office with 2 sticks for support, alone ( her mother was with her of course)with no help. In the last 10 treatments her bad condition improved more than 40 percent.Also her vision improved( blurry vision )I put in her a lot of knowledge. In the beginning I did Also medical

The lady I treated was 37 years old , she had diabetes mellitus, seropositive rheumatoid arthritis, and she was operated on hypophisis because of benign tumor.After she got vasculitis of brain stem she was in ICU on respirator because of respiratory insufficiency. After a week she become to breath alone but she stayed in ICU for a long time because of aspiration pneumonia and hard urinary sepsis. After that she went to rehabilitation center for couple of months but healing didn’t go good. She stayed in wheelchair  8 months till she came to my office. Also she didn’t have courage to go out of the wheelchair and walk alone with support. After just 3 Jiao’s scalp acupuncture she started to walk with support but not for a long time because she hadn’t enough strength in the limbs.After ECIWO this strength improved and she started to walk with just two sticks. All the time she did also physiotherapy.

One patient I treated was 85 years old man after stroke before 5 months he came to my office because of bad pain of the shoulder and upper limb on the left side. He has mild hemiparesis on the right side with drop foot and lower strength in arm and leg. After just one treatment paresis improved and he didn’t have drop foot any more. I used ECIWO for stroke sequelae. We did 10 treatments. Also the pain in left hand went down for more than 80 percent.After 10 treatments he walked every day for 45 minutes / twice a day and he never got tired. His steps became strong and fast.....And the pain in the left arm which was VAS 10 when he came to me became VAS 1-2. HE could sleep good and HE could sleep on the left side in his bad. 

Yes!!! Acupuncture rocks!!!!

Social anxiety: 

 I can't remember when it began, but I recall always feeling like I never belonged anywhere; every room I was in I felt like a ghost that was just looked through and maybe even an annoyance to everyone else present. I hold my head so much higher and I'm much friendlier with people wherever go, whereas in the past I avoided eye contact with everyone (still do sometimes) and I nudged my mom to speak for me or I just stayed silent. I'm actually looking forward to the public speaking class I'll be in starting this Saturday! I'm not dreading it or counting down the days, awaiting a panic attack inside a classroom. 

I did a loop on not pleasing everybody and then everybody being totally pleased with me and me having to do nothing at all from now on around noon today, and I haven't experienced any acid reflux or nausea since! I even ate some of the common trigger foods like coffee and dairy and nothing.

I've experienced more change from inner influencing than I've experienced from years of seeing my GP or acupuncturist. It's like however they've helped me was akin to taking a cup and filling it with water from the river inside me, and your methods were like a sponge that soaked up half of all my worries. 

Cydney Bordelon, Elk Grove, California

 Testimonials to back home.

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