Sleep Apnea Prevention

Sleep apnea prevention

There really isn't any effective means for sleep apnea prevention. This is because it is caused by unexpected emotional traumas. Though is written that losing weight, stop smoking and exercise may be helpful, but this still does not get to the root of the issue.

There are plenty of people with sleep apnea that are not smokers, not overweight or work at physically demanding jobs that also have sleep apnea.

Home remedies for sleep apnea: the simplest method is to sleep on your tummy or side and avoid sleeping on your back. But that doesn't prevent you from turning on your back while asleep and then having another choking and coughing fit.

Many people that suffer from sleep apnea are not aware that they may have multiple nightly attacks while asleep. It is their partner that complains of being woken up several time nightly startled by the choking attacks.

This will affect your daily life in less than ideal ways with fatigue, lack of being alert, grumpiness or alleged onset of other health problems such as diabetes or weight gain.

Natural remedies for sleep apnea:

The best natural remedy and cure for sleep apnea is to discover the specific root emotional shock or traumas that are behind this disorder.

The most common emotional issues are repressed fury, rage, feeling overwhelmed with problems and trying to please people that can't be pleased.

Case: Freddy, a 40 years old man. Freddy worked at a physically demanding job stacking sacks of cement onto pallets. He was in top physical condition. However he was married to a very troublesome and arrogant woman with narcissistic personality disorder. On a subconscious level he was repressing many hard feelings and consciously unaware that he felt his life was threatened by his wife. He never knew what her next drama would be. 

On the subconscious level he feared she would strangle him in his sleep.

On the subconscious level he feared she would strangle him in his sleep.

He was constantly trying to please her, but everything he tried would encourage his wife raise the drama levels even higher.

His sleep apnea was cured after one session. In addition he worked on himself and regained his control and would no longer allow his wife to control him. This frustrated her to no end and she filed for divorce within 3 months.

Though he was not pleased with the divorce at the moment, he later realized it was essential for his health and happiness to be rid of her once and for all. He commented later in an email that he never felt such peace before once he was rid of her and went “no contact”.

Sleep apnea prevention to home

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