The Shock of Diagnosis

The Shock of diagnosis accompanies almost every case serious illness that I work with. It strikes terror and fear into the patient's heart.

Imagine being sentenced before a judge. "You are sentenced to long, slow, agonizing death. You will leave your loved ones bankrupt and emotionally exhausted."

What can be worse than a cancer diagnosis? Not much. I have had clients attempt suicide upon the learning the bad news.

I find that the diagnosis shock affects and worsens every condition.  Its the first thing we address in a work session.

This is a cause of metastatic cancer. 

For example: A patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is terrified for his life. He develops multiple tumors in his lungs.

He feels sexually devalued and osteoporosis develops in his hip bones. He then feels the treatments will leave him bankrupt with nothing for himself and family to eat and liver cancer develops.

Should the osteoporosis begin to heal then he may be misdiagnosed with osteosarcoma . (bone cancer) 

The fear, terror and shock from the diagnosis can quickly be overcome and that is the first step to overcoming serious illness.


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