Protection from demons

Protection from demons.

I get asked occasionally about demons and paranormal activity. Some want protection from demons or want to know how to cast out demons.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding about spirits ghosts demons. The Bible having been edited by a Roman Emperor and possibility adulterated by his staff adds to the confusion.

Demon definition: A spiritual entity that coexists with us on Earth, but within a different dimension. They are in essence a parasite feeding off of our negative emotions. They can read our emotions and know us down to the molecule.

They come in all strengths, shapes and sizes. Usually they are deformed and hideous, but the powerful ones can even be charming and attractive. They are intent to cause us the greatest misery possible.

They can gleefully communicate with our subconscious attempting to aggravate negative emotions to start a feeding frenzy increasing their power and possibly leading us to violence. They can keep us as livestock and completely drain us, then allow us to recuperate and then go at it again.

Have you ever noticed that after an anger or depression episode that you drained to the point of exhaustion? It's because you just were fed on and your energy was drained. 

Most of us can not sense them, but a few gifted people can. Some people can even tell what they are up to, how long they have been around, who sent them (as in the case of witchcraft) or what emotions they are feeding on and why.

Sometimes a demon can manifest itself, this takes a great deal of energy on their part. They can make you physically ill or even leave painful cuts, bruises and bite marks.

The best protection from demons is to live a good, clean life.

Do not invite them with rage, fear, jealousy, sexual lust, resentment, arrogance, guilt, shame or any other negative or unhappy feelings.

Dessert for them, their finest achievement is to get somebody to betray their spouse. These feelings of betrayal can keep them in luxury for decades.

Good and sincere people can have demon problems because they can't forgive for some real offence. If the guilt is strong enough it will attract them. The guilt may be subconscious and you may not be aware of it.

I have had them attached to me too. I had a job that I hated, working with unhappy miserable people. My hatred for my job and disdain for my coworkers gave negative entities some really nice meals. That whole workplace was a smorgasbord for them. 

Demons can make you physically ill. The most common symptoms is a feeling of draining of your energy to the point that you are unable to function. Demons can kill. 

If you need protection from demons, there is something amiss in your life. We can cast them out in the name of Christ, Allah, God, sic Archangel Michael on them, but they will come back within a day or so, to feed off your irresistible negativity.

If you fear them or are enraged at them, you can Jesus all you want and you’ll just give them a big laugh. They feed on fear and rage. 

Too many want me to wave a magic wand and don’t want to make the necessary changes in their own lives. There is no help for you, unless you choose to make changes.

Once this Christian minister contacted me. He fanatically quotes the Bible almost constantly. Yet he had 50 demons swirling about him in a feeding frenzy enjoying a banquet of roast arrogance and the tastiest holier-than-thou-ness in the state.

He could see them and got a power thrill scattering them, but soon there were back feasting away. Nobody in all the realms can help him. 

He didn't want to change and neither did Pharaoh of Egypt.

One promiscuous man wanted protection from demons, yet didn't want to give up his womanizing. He didn't want to accept that he was bringing them in on himself.

In addition the promiscuous (homosexuals included) will take on and share the negative "karma" and negative entities from every sexual partner. This is why many of these people age faster and accumulate huge problems in their lives. Condoms won't protect you in the slightest.

Wearing amulets, garlic, crystals or pentagrams may help somewhat. They won’t do a thing for protection from the more powerful demons or your weird uncle Harry. I have far too much experience with powerful demons totally ignoring and even mocking these types of protections. 

Getting spiritual or psychic protection, energy barriers, visualizing encapsulating them in bubbles of light, etc. are only a temporary fix, you have to get to the root, what is the negativity IN YOU that are attracting them? 

Vulgar TV programs, horror movies, arguments, fights, pornography, hard rock, rap, or heavy metal music will bring up feelings that also attract demons.

Ironically “Christian” heavy metal also attracts them. Something is amiss if you find ugliness attractive. However they hate songs like Amazing Grace.

Negative energies or entities can actually travel through radio and TV emissions into our homes, essentially making the station a powerful emitter of witchcraft and mind control; something that has not gone unnoticed by the controllers. 

Witchcraft and sorcery curses are real and it can leave in in a brain fog, it can make you very sick and it can kill. Sorcerers can send and control demons to make your home into an Amityville horror show. I tend to see more sorcery in 3rd world nations, but I have also seen it running rampant in suburban America. 

Some mistakenly believe that if you don't believe in witchcraft or sorcery it can't hurt you. This is far from the truth. 

Getting drunk or high opens you up to them and this is why so many heinous crimes are committed while under the influence. Meth is by far the worst, it is the Devil's favorite. Many suffering from schizophrenia start "hearing the voices" their first time while using Meth.

When I volunteered doing therapy in a county jail, 80% were in custody because of meth, or for hurting somebody or doing something horrible while under the influence of meth. One minister used it for a little extra energy, put his wife in the hospital for a month. He lost his freedom, family, business, home and everything he had worked for for 20 years. 

Jails, hospitals and even some public schools are like hornet's nests with demons and ghosts coming and going.   

Smoking marijuana or even tobacco if already weakened will weaken your energetic system even further and allow them to influence you.

If you are not willing to make the changes, have any doubts or second thoughts about changing your life style; healing is not for you. 

Demons also can be a major complication of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The first step is the patient needs to understand the voice he hears is not his own. Have you ever noticed that the voices never bring a positive message? 

Demons will strongly influence sociopaths and those with personality disorders. This is why a narcissist always seems to be a step or two ahead of their victims. They literally are unwitting tools for demons. 

What to do?

You will be taught to use the most advanced clearing tool known and it will be yours to use freely forever.

For those of you that are already familiar with using "the loop", you can use it to clear your home, work space, family and yourself. As you clear your past and present negative experiences and energies, these entities and thought forms will not be able to affect you. 

Negative entities can only fan the flames on the unresolved feelings that are already within. They point to you what needs to be worked on.

Have you ever had a hideous thought and wonder how you could think such a horrible thing?  That thought didn't come from you, it was intended to stir up feelings to start a feeding frenzy. 

Demons require negative energy to survive and they will never play fair. 

The Water Blessing 


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