The Possible Causes of Neck Pain

What are the possible causes of neck pain? Could it be that you slept wrong with your head turned in an awkward position? You should be feel better in a few hours or a day.

But if the pain continues, there is some underlying emotional neck pain cause.  Most often it is a sense of injustice. 

Perhaps you have whiplash that is not healing? You have been to the doctors and chiropractors and you still cannot find neck pain relief. If it is not whiplash, but you are in pain and your doctor admits he does not know why; consider looking in a different direction.

Every one of the seven cervical vertebrae has a different tonality or meaning when it comes to neck pain causes. You could be angry because nobody in your family listens to you. Or perhaps there is something you dare not say?

Your husband is on your back; you are being forced to do things against your will. Things are just not fair.

A chronic stiff neck is a conflict of wanting to turn your head to see something but at the same time being prevented from looking. What happens here there are two contradictory commands sent to the brain simultaneously.

A disturbing case:

Nathan (not his real name) 35, had chronic neck pain on and off since he was a child. He called me on the telephone and we began searching for his possible causes of neck pain.

He was a bit reluctant at first, but he opened up telling me that as a child his mother forced him on a weekly basis to perform in pornographic films and photos.

Nathan said he really wanted to avoid this, but he could not stand up to his mother. 

He complained that his mother would not listen to his protests. He felt degraded and filthy.

He joined a fanatic Christian sect trying to compensate for his ugly secret. This sect did nothing but magnify his feelings of guilt and shame. 

His neck began to heal with what he called “a different kind of pain”. He found complete neck pain relief after three weeks.

In addition we worked together on many other issues and now he feels much better about himself. He said that he felt a literal weight lift off of his neck and shoulders, “a burden I never realized I was carrying.”


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