The 2 Phases of Disease

Dr. Ryke Hamer has discovered that most disease has 2 phases, the conflict active(sympathicotonia) and the healing phase (vagotonia). 

Most illness begins with an emotional conflict (DHS) or shock. Some illnesses can start with multiple triggers accumulated over time, such as fibromyalgia , or chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are three manifestations of disease:

♦Diseases that are first noticed in the conflict active phase. These diseases always involve endodermic tissue.

♦Diseases that are noticed in the healing phase.

♦Syndromes that waver back and fourth between the conflict active and healing phases or conflicts that partially resolve.

In the conflict active phase you may have obsessive thoughts and difficulty sleeping. Thoughts such as, "I can't believe this is happening" haunt you day and night.

Over time,if no resolution is found; the brain senses the sleeplessness, obsessive thinking, fear and anxiety as a threat to survival.

The brain buries the conflict in the subconscious to ensure short term survival.

I have seen these subconscious conflicts last for decades. One grumpy old man had a buried conflict for fifty years about an ex-girlfriend. When we released it he said he felt a huge relief.

His wife said he was a changed man, he no longer became irritated at things that bothered him before.

Conflict active diseases include lung cancer, osteoporosis, stomach cancer, breast adenocarcinoma, etc. 

Continue on to the healing phase. 


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