Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Paranoia.

One aspect that victims of  narcissistic abuse tell me is there is an element of paranoia included with NPD.  As with NPD,  they cannot be reasoned with.  It  is a reaction to fear based stresses and abuse. Its presence can be noted in CT scans of the brain stem.

The type often associated with NPD is called Non-bizarre Delusional Paranoia. In other words the fears seem rational.  Whereas in bizarre delusional types, the person may believe they have a 5 inch hole in their head or snakes crawling in their bed. 

Some of the reports of specific delusions are the NPD believes her spouse is trying to poison her or the children.  They may believe you are cheating on them. They may believe somebody is out to kidnap the kids or won't allow the kids to ride bicycles because they believe only drug addicts ride bicycles. They may be constantly accusing you, family or neighbors of planning to “get them” or of abuse. They may constantly be accusing a child of drug abuse or promiscuity.

Paranoia is not fun.

The NPD can be very convincing, even in courtrooms and I'm aware of at least one case where the NPD sent her husband to long term prison for sexual abuse that was never committed.  NPDs are sociopaths and really don't care if they hurt others, though they will “act” otherwise.

Few recognize that the irrational fears could be contagious. They can instill fear into their children and most victims of narcissistic abuse also are suffering from it.

The victim may fear and see all members of the opposite sex as a threat or another potential tormenter. The victim will avoid relationships, the victim may never heal and prefer to live out his or her life alone. NPDs almost always manage to get your friends out of your life and turn family members against one another.  It is common that when children of narcissistic relationships grow up they never contact each other again.

It is possible and easy to heal from your own fears.  Its just not normal to want to live out your life alone. You can heal whatever is within that causes NPDs to be attracted to you.

Inner Influencing is just the tool to get your life back onto track and realize your life's true desires. Its easy and painless.  Many have told me that their first session was the turning point of their lives.

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