What Causes Milk Allergy Symptoms?

Your mother coddling and overprotecting you causes milk allergy symptoms. This is a separation conflict in a chronic healing phase. “I want to be separated from my mother’s over protection”.

Many of us may have complained about overprotecting parents and do not have milk allergy. It depends on how intense the conflict is and on our own personality. Ten people can see the same event and you can get ten differing emotional reactions.

The most common denominator are feelings of rejection, either rejecting the mother or feelings of being rejected. 

Symptoms of Milk Allergy:

♦ Abdominal cramps or colic.

♦ Vomiting.

♦ Diarrhea, that sometimes may even have blood in the stool.

♦ Runny nose, watery eyes.

♦ Wheezing or coughing.

♦ Itchy skin rashes.

Sometimes milk allergy symptoms can occur immediately after taking milk products and other people may experience these milk allergy symptoms hours later.

Typical case:

Allen, a 13-year-old boy was born with infant milk allergies. When he was born he vomited up all of his mother’s breast milk. He was also unable to drink cow’s milk and had to grow up on soymilk formulas.

Allen was small for his age and his mother complained that he was not growing like the other children in his class.

Allen often ate cheese and drank milk, but lived with constant colic and diarrhea. He thought the pain and diarrhea were a normal part of life.

I asked his mother what drama happened when she was pregnant. She thought for a while and told me that a neighbor picked a fight for no reason. Allen's mother was very upset and nearly fainted. She feared loosing Allen as she began to feel abdominal cramping.

From then on she was very careful to avoid this nasty neighbor in order to protect her unborn child. She would peek out the door before she left her apartment and she would drive past the parking lot to make sure the neighbor was not around when she returned.

Allen’s mother was also over-protective and would not allow him to participate in activities with his friends.

In this case I had to work the milk allergy treatment with both the mother and son. I helped them to release the buried feelings caused by the encounter with the nasty neighbor.

When Allen returned home he immediately drank a glass of milk and had no colic or diarrhea for ten days. The symptoms returned for a few days and vanished forever without further help on my part.

Allen then began a growth spurt, he is still short but is now catching up to his classmates. Later he gratefully thanked me and said, “My life has changed”.


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