The Role of Microbes

The Role of Microbes in the Healing Phase.

Microbes play an unexpected role in the healing process. They help break down cancer cells and even bone splinters. This is why certain microorganisms have been associated with cancer.

For example, the papilloma virus is associated with cervical cancer, which is a repair phase growth. The cervix is ectodermic tissue. The virus helps break down the excess tissue in the second half of the healing phase.

Fungal infections are found with endodermic cancers such as lung, or prostate cancer. Some health professionals believe that it is this, that causes the cancer.

Let me explain, some open minded physicians will treat gangrene by introducing sterile maggots into the wound. The maggots excrete antibiotics and eat up the dead tissue better than the best surgeon.

This is how the beneficial microorganisms work. Up until the discoveries of Dr. Hamer germs were considered our mortal enemy.

However some of these infections can get out of hand and overwhelm our body, and even bring about death. It is important to be under the care of a licensed physician in this phase.

Dr. Hamer contends that infections do not kill but it is the swelling in the brain in the repair phase that kills.

He claims that in cases where the nerves have been severed to an area no infection sets in. That it is the brain that directs the microbial activity.

I believe he may be in error here. I definitely recommend and I would use antibiotics for myself and family if things get out of hand. Several practitioners of New German Medicine had patients die because they told them not to use antibiotics.

Prior to the discovery of general surgical hygiene, surgery had horrendous infection and death rates. Once proper sterilization procedures were used death rates fell precipitously.

I don't think that brain edemas (as per Dr. Hamer) caused the prior deaths, but the infectious microorganisms themselves are the culprit. Otherwise the if the brain edemas were the primary cause of death, proper surgical hygiene would not change the death rate.

In spite of my differences with Dr. Hamer, practitioners of the New German Medicine still get amazing results, well beyond that of conventional medicine.

When no beneficial microbes are present to aid in the break down of a tumor, the growth will encapsulate and be diagnosed as benign. These benign tumors can reawaken when a similar conflict is confronted.

With New German Medicine a healing crisis occurs after the resolution of the conflict. However the healing crisis can be now controlled with Inner Influencing and patients can recover without the unpleasant side effects.

Microbes also play a role in the healing of common infections such as in the ear, sinuses, throat, lungs, etc.

Here is some scientific evidence on the role of bacteria's beneficial effects on healing.

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