Metastatic Cancer

Metastatic cancer is believed to be a "spreading" cancer. But how do colon cancer cells end up in the lungs and metamorphose into lung cancer cells?

Cancer cells have never been observed traveling in the blood or lymph system. How does it get around the body?

Do you believe in spontaneous creation?  

Dr. Ryke Hamer discovered that each cancer is a distinct and separate illness based on related traumas.

For example:

Metastatic lung cancer is caused by the death fright and shock of the diagnosis of the primary tumor.

Metastatic renal cancer is caused by an existence conflict, such as the belief, "I am nothing, or there will be nothing left of me". "There is no sense in trying, all is lost".

Metastatic liver cancer is caused by the conflict, "I will not have enough." "There will not be enough for me to eat after all these expenses."

I have seen cancer "progress" quite a few times,  first there is a cancer diagnosis, the patient is terrified,  the cancer "spreads" to the lungs. 

The the patient doesn't know how to pay for the ghastly expensive treatments and it "spreads" to the liver.

Finally it "spreads" to the kidneys. The patient gives up,  all is lost, its time to die, why try? 

This is a oversimplification, but this is the principle of metastasis. 

And then we should ask the following questions:

♦Why is it that metastasis is very rare in animals?

♦Why is it that cancers in the blood vessels, heart or lymph vessels are not the most common forms of secondary cancer?

♦Why is it that donated blood is not considered a source of spreading cancer from person to person?

♦Why is it that cancer rarely affects adjacent tissues that are dissimilar in embryonic origin?

These questions should make you wonder if the theories about metastasis are all they are cracked up to be.


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