Low Blood Pressure Causes:

Low blood pressure causes you to feel dizzy, nauseous and confused. It can even cause fainting. If severe it can cause organ failure due to lack of blood flow, which can lead to death.

You get up out of bed and feel a little light headed. You sit there a moment until you feel better. You notice that this is starting to be a problem whenever you move from a sitting to a standing position.

You do not know it yet but these are some of the symptoms of low blood pressure.

You seem more anxious and have difficulty concentrating. You think something may be wrong.

One afternoon while at work you stand up and the next thing you see are your coworkers kneeling around you; one of them is asking, “are you alright”? You broke out in a cold sweat and look pale.

You are taken to the hospital. You are having low blood pressure readings. Other than that you are fine.

What causes low blood pressure? Conflicts of inability; “I can’t do it, I can’t get it done”. “I just don’t have the energy to do it”. Also there is an element of helplessness, wanting to give up and playing the part of a victim.  Those that tend to play the helpless damsel in distress tend to have hypotension. 


A women is violated, she stops fighting and gives up. She feels victimized and soiled.

She tries to put the trauma behind her, yet the emotions are still very active in the subconscious. She denies that it was a big deal. She begins to have the symptoms of low blood pressure.

If your parents were controlling or your spouse is controlling, you tend to give up too soon or not even bother to try. 

When the conflict is resolved the cure will be immediate.

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