Inner Criticism

Inner Criticism is one of the most pervasive problems I find in nearly everybody. In the Bible, Jesus says: “but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.”

Have you noticed that “Thou fool” is at the root of every foul and vulgar word we can call others or ourselves?

He is speaking of criticism. But then why do we think its okay to say “thou fool” to ourselves? “Thou fool” means that you are not good enough, you are rejected and not approved of. It is self judgment.

You are being your own worst enemy.

Self criticism affects us in many less that ideal ways, it will prevent us from mastering a subject, keeps us out of better paying jobs or happy relationships.

Inner criticism can build to the point of mental illness and bring us into living a life of hell. It may physically affect our health and cause bone degeneration and arthritis.

Where does this self devaluation come from? That inner self-criticism may be your parent’s voice, it may be a relative’s or a teacher’s voice. That voice is not your own voice, it is a subconscious voice that you probably learned at a young age that vexes your life.

To get permanent relief, self criticism needs to be worked on at the subconscious level. Working on it on a superficial level may take years and for some, not even conventional psychotherapy may help.

How to respond to criticism:

The way we respond to devaluation depends on how we were criticized at a young age. If we were treated derogatorily, those same feelings will arise every time we are corrected or criticized. That may be why some people take it better than others.

Our response depends on which emotions come up when being criticized. If you feel overwhelmed, dehumanized, devalued, angry or injustice, that will affect your response in inappropriate ways.

But here is the secret: Our inner world is reflected by our outer world. By cleansing ourselves of inner criticism, you will notice that you are criticized less often. And the criticism you may receive will be of a kinder and helping nature.

Criticism will no longer be taken as a personal attack.

This new freedom can be achieved by the proper application of the principles of Inner Influencing and you can see results faster than you ever imagined.

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