What Causes Hydrocele?

Hydrocele is an accumulation of fluid in the scrotum. It is a repair phase of an attack conflict related to the genitals.

Your scrotum feels weird, yet painless, is swollen, and is filled with some fluid.

You may be quite worried about this, wondering if you have testicular cancer.

You really do not need to worry, though, because this condition usually is not considered serious.


George, age forty, was making love to his wife, when an unexpected knock came at the door. Several fully armed police officers were at the door wanting to search the home. They did not have a warrant so he refused them entry.

The officer began yelling and intimidated George. George was very upset and closed the door on them.

Several hours after they left, George's scrotum painlessly swelled up, and he was very worried. The swelling went away after a few days.


George (the same client) was visiting his brother and his niece. He was teasing his niece and she became angry. She unexpectedly kicked him in the groin. George developed hydrocele a few hours later. This time, swelling lasted more than a week.

Poor George needs to be more careful and behave himself. Luckily, this condition usually lasts for a week or two and is easily treated.

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