Dr. Hamer Makes the Discovery of the Millenium

Dr. Ryke Hamer was the head internist at the University of Munich oncological hospital for twenty years.

In 1978, tragedy stuck when his son died from a gun shot related wound.

After his son’s unexpected death, he developed testicular cancer and his wife also developed cancer which eventually ended her life.

He almost suffered the same fate due to complications of his cancer. Luckily, he fully recovered

In 1981, he began wondering if his and his wife’s cancers were related to their son’s unexpected death.

In the clinic where he was working, he started asking patients questions and learned that all of the ovarian and testicular cancer patients had recently lost a loved one unexpectedly.

By using CT brain scans, he was able to find patterns of dark spots that precisely corresponded with their types of conflict.

Using brain CT scans, he also learned how to help schizophrenia and bipolar patients overcome the conflicts that caused their conditions. He also has a documented case of curing a little girl of Down's Syndrome.

Over the years he has helped tens of thousands of patients overcome their illnesses.

He is a pioneer in this new science and deserves the highest respect for his courage and discoveries. The day will come that his name will be heard in every high school biology class on this planet.

I have discovered on my own that the healing phases are caused by an incomplete resolution of the conflict. Using Inner Influencing these dreadful side effects need not happen anymore.

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