Gingivitis Symptoms

Do you have gingivitis symptoms?

♦Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?

♦Do you notice blood on that apple you just took a bite from?

♦Are you gums receding and your teeth looking longer?

♦Do you notice your gums swelling?

♦Bad breath?

♦Do you want to avoid gum surgery and save a bundle of money?

The early stages of gum disease are painless, as it progresses the gums become tender. It can continue to advance and affect the jawbone. At this stage it is called periodontitis.

Bacteria infecting the gums and lodging in the space in between the gum and tooth cause gingivitis symptoms. The bacteria are anaerobic, that is they cannot tolerate exposure to open air.

The bacteria secrete wastes called plaque. This plaque builds up at the gum line sealing off air, making it an ideal environment for the bacteria to flourish.

The plaque and other waste products irritate the gums and eat away at the jawbone and the roots of the teeth.

This loosens the teeth and they start to fall out. This is often painless and because of this victims often wait until it’s too late to get treatments.

Self-treatment of gum disease: You need 4 tools.

♦Dental pick.

♦Tooth brush and paste.


♦Water Pik.

These items combined will cost you less than a single visit to the dentist.

How to cure gum disease at home:

Day One.

♦Brush your teeth thoroughly; time yourself for 3 full minutes, then floss.

♦Spend an hour with the dental pick and thoroughly scrape off all the plaque including below the gum line and between the teeth.

♦Fill the Water Pik with water as hot as you can stand it. Add a couple tablespoons of salt.

First use the Pocket Tip attachment and jet the water straight down under the gums next to the tooth. (Afterwards, run the Water Pik with fresh water to flush out the salt from the machine).

My jawbone had completely healed and my teeth were no longer loose.

This flushes out and kills the bacteria. You will be surprised how quickly the gums will heal. No surgery needed. No expensive dental bills to pay.

During this process bleeding will occur. There is no way to get around this. If you can’t stand the sight of blood, I can help you overcome this fear.

Day two and beyond:

Brush after every meal and use the Water Pik no more than once a day. After about a week the bleeding will be much reduced. If you find areas that are still bleeding, explore it with the dental pick. You may have left some plaque behind.

You can cure for gingivitis and periodontitis. I personally had periodontitis-loose teeth and all. The dentist told me there is no cure and I will have to get dentures sooner or later.

Within a week of me treating myself I returned to the dentist and he could not believe the X-rays. He searched though his files wondering if he had the wrong X-rays.

My jawbone had completely healed and my teeth were no longer loose. The dentist shook his head and said this is “impossible”.

I have not been to a dentist for over a decade. I use the Water Pik once weekly with the regular tip and I am free of all gingivitis symptoms.

The dentist that taught me this system was kicked out of the American Dental Association and had his license revoked for teaching his patients how to cure themselves.

The emotional conflicts at the root of gum diseases are conflicts about not being listened to, powerlessness and not defending oneself.

Perhaps you feel talking to your spouse or your teenager is like talking to a bag of rocks?

Failed case:

Laurence 62 had loose teeth in his upper jaw.  He used the water pik daily,  nevertheless he lost his teeth and needed dentures.  Laurence had a strong conflict with his boss,  a know-it-all 20 something. 

Laurence wanted to chew this kid out an give him a thoruogh drubbing, but he was so close to retirment that he feared loosing his job and never be able to find another one. 

The loss of teeth was about feeling trapped and powerless and not allowed to defend himself.


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