Low Dose X-Ray Therapy Cures Serious Gangrene Infections

Gangrene is usually caused by Clostridium bacteria which are found naturally in the soil. It is the most common microbe associated with gangrenous wounds caused by auto accidents, war wounds, illegal abortions, etc.

Gas-gangrene is a deadly form of the disease that spreads rapidly, up to six inches per hour and can cause death very quickly.

Gangrene is the death of soft tissue caused by the blood supply being cut off to the affected area.

Antibiotics can help in areas where blood is still able to circulate, but in those areas cut off from blood circulation, amputation or surgically removing the affected tissue is urgent.

Prior to the advent of common antibiotics a handful of progressive physicians were reducing the mortality rate from over 50% (this includes all those that have had limb amputations) down to less than 5% without having to do amputations.

Low doses of X-rays of 50 rad for 3 minutes twice a day for the first two days and once per day on days three and four, is the advised course. This treatment can easily reach into those areas that antibiotics can’t reach.

These low doses are not enough to kill the bacteria, but the radiation remarkably stimulates the patient’s defenses to heal wounds and destroy invaders. For sterilization 1000 to 5000 kilorad are required.

Low dose irradiation has also been used successfully as a preventive measure or prophylaxis in the treatment of serious wounds

Questions about Radiation Safety.

There continues to this day controversy about the safety of radiation. These arguments are based upon the incorrect assumption called the Linear no threshold (LNT) hypothesis. It assumes that if X amount of radiation is proven dangerous, then 1/10th of this dose is 1/10th as dangerous.

This is untrue, and there is plenty of evidence to back up that low dose radiation is safe.

Most of the studies conducted on X-ray therapy for infections were conducted between 1928 and 1940. Due to political reasons this research has been almost forgotten.

X-ray therapy has been used successfully on many different types of infections, including boils and acne.

This is an exciting and much needed area to continue researching successful treatment of dangerous infections. Its use should be reinstated.

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