The Trouble with Empaths

Emapths are people that literally feel the emotions of others. Hollywood hypes this in some science fiction. One TV series called them “Betazoids” and they are used to detect deceit or other feelings in people they are dealing with.

Science in general does not accept that there are people that have this ability. Most that have this are born with it and view it more as a curse that a blessing. Empaths can tell if you are depressed even if you are acting chipper or angry if you are acting like you are not bothered.

Far from the loving and enlightened Hollywood depictions, empaths often avoid public places. They tend to have few friends and can even get confused between their own feelings that those of others. They often are traumatized from being bombarded with overwhelming emotions coming at them in all directions.

Every one of these difficult incoming feelings can be upsetting, very sensitive empaths can even be driven to agoraphobia and unable to leave their homes. They have a whole set of unique issues that science can't even fathom, let alone help.

Childhood is very difficult, school is a living hell for many and can leave one with PTSD and they may even become dissociated from their feelings or in other words cold and uncaring as a defense mechanism.

They are the favorite targets of bullies and narcissists and find them an easy source of sadistic pleasure.

Simply going shopping can leave an one exhausted as if they had working all day at heavy labor.

Empath are often alone and have no idea that there are others as themselves.

They can't understand why going into public is so exhausting.

It is because they are constantly fighting off the bombardment of emotions coming in. 

There are far too many unhappy people out there.

They like to help people, often this help is more of a way to find relief from somebody's distressed emotions. They want to turn off the “noise” or unpleasant feelings so they can have some peace. Just imagine you are hearing loud foul music nonstop.

     Empaths often fall into bad relationships

Empaths often fall into relationships with people that need serious mental help. They want to help, but find themselves in unbearable relationships. It is common for them to get involved with narcissists or others with personality disorders.

It confuses them, their partner acts and says they love them, but words and actions don't match what the empath senses. Narcissists are naturally attracted to empaths as they seek people that are easy to torment and control.

A narcissist will get immense sadistic pleasure thwarting their partner's attempts to please them. The harder they try to help the worse the narcissist will behave. The narcissist will push their buttons and when the victim gets angry or upset, they love to point out how rotten or unstable he is for being upset.

You can gain protection, but it takes work. The accumulated discordant energy in your systems needs to be cleared. It is this energy that leaves you open to being afflicted by the overwhelming emotions of others. Learning to put up shields is often only a stop-gap measure, it can help in some situations.

It is like you are an open window and the rain and wind comes in, but when your system is cleared and at peace the window is then closed. You can still see outside but totally free from the effects of feelings that are not yours.

Inner Influencing is the best tool for this clearing, however it takes constant effort, but it is easy and simple. If there are 1000 traumas, each needs to be extracted and as more are extracted you will be turning down the dials of distress and your life will become more and more as you desire it to be.

You can get total control and when a narcissist can't control you any longer, they will leave you and find another victim. 

And a wonderful benefit is with each trauma you clear, you are immunized from getting it again.

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