The Usefulness of Chemotherapy

Just how useful is chemotherapy? It may be helpful in slowing down healing phase cancer growth. It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory, unwittingly helping to keep brain swellings down, which are often the real killer in the healing phase.

I believe that this therapy may seem to work because the patient has already self-resolved the emotional issues provoking the illness.

However, mounting evidence shows that these cytotoxins are less effective than placebo. Some studies show lower long term survival rates than using nothing at all.

Have you ever watched somebody struggle through treatments? It is horrifying watching family members get very ill with vomiting, loss of hair and weight, etc. It is very sad and frightening to watch. The cancer treatment brings some to the very edge of death.

It is a fact that many oncologists would not use this conventional treatment on themselves or on their family members; no wonder, for they daily observe the frightful effects.

There are studies that show that one-fourth of all cancer deaths are actually due to these therapies. In these cases, the cure is worse than the disease itself.

I personally do not recommend chemotherapy.

For more information, click on the link below. I hope that it will aid you in making an informed choice. 

Click here to learn more.

Patients that undergo systemic anti-cancer therapy live less than no treatment.   

Study shows chemotherapy my kill 50% of lung cancer patients. 


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