Cervical Cancer Causes:

It is assumed that the papilloma virus is one of the main cervical cancer causes. The virus is present but it is not the cause.

You are bleeding from the vagina; it is not the right time of the month. You have some pain in your pelvic region. You may have a foul smelling discharge that can be watery or thick, it may also contain mucus.

You go to the doctor and he suspects you have the symptoms of cervical cancer. Later you get the terrifying diagnosis and go into shock. You cannot believe this is happening to you. It is this shock and fear of the diagnosis that dramatically worsens the disease.

Your doctor may prescribe chemotherapy or radiation. Perhaps you are looking into alternative cervical cancer treatment and are not sure if it will work.

What is cervical cancer? During the conflict active phase, symptomless break down or necrosis of the cervix is occurring. Once the conflict is resolved a healing phase (so called) cancer starts rebuilding the cervix. If you are bleeding, papilloma viruses are already breaking down the growth.

Cervical cancer causes are the resolution of feelings of rejection or sexual frustration from your lover.


Your husband is having difficulties with his job, he is stressed and cannot sleep. He does not complain to you, but instead seems to have pulled away from you and distant. You feel rejected and are sexually frustrated.

After six months he resolves the work issues and warms up to you again. You go into the healing phase and the so-called cancer develops.


Your spouse suddenly leaves you for another woman, you feel totally rejected. A year later you meet a new man and remarry, afterward a “cancer” develops.

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