What are the Causes of Tinnitus?

The causes of tinnitus are believed to be ear and sinus infections or Meniere’s disease. Stress, noise damage are also recognized as major factors with tinnitus.

In many cases tinnitus cures its self once the infection has run its course. However on this page I will explore the causes of chronic tinnitus.

Some of the known conflicts are general stress, not wanting to listen, stubbornness, not paying attention to your own feelings.  

Have you ever noticed your ears ringing after being exposed to loud music or noise? Should some drama happen while exposed to noise, it could imprint on your subconscious and reemerge every time when a similar conflict arises.

The Sounds of Tinnitus:

You may hear a constant buzz or a whooshing sound. It may sound like the rumble of a waterfall, or ring like church bells. You may hear it constantly or intermittently and some people have tinnitus so loud that it interferes with a normal life and sleep.

One musician who was searching for remedies for tinnitus,would hear a constant B flat droning day and night. It would drive him crazy, he said that he could only enjoy music in B flat, since any other key would sound sour and grate on his nerves.

Before you read on, I ask you to pay attention to the first thing that pops into your mind when you read the following question. It does not matter if it seems unrelated or stupid.

What does your tinnitus sound like? That is an important key to discovering the traumatic root causes of tinnitus. This question was posed to me and when I realized what the sound was, my intermittent tinnitus vanished for good.

Tinnitus involves conflicts of not wanting to hear something; sometimes sufferers cannot stand to hear silence. What is it that you find unbearable to hear? Is it some bad news, or a spouse that is constantly bickering? Or perhaps is it an instant frozen sound bite of terror in an auto accident?

Case history:

William, 40 years old suffered from intermittent tinnitus ever since he can remember. I asked him what does sound like? He thought for a while and drew a blank. We went on discussing other issues and suddenly he interrupted: “That’s it”!

He explained that the buzzing sounds were cicadas droning on lazy summer afternoons. When he was five years old, he went to a rural church; afterward he saw some boys his age climbing trees. He really wanted to join the other boys, but his father forbade him because he was wearing his best Sunday clothes.

William didn’t want to hear that, and felt cheated out of fun. His emotions were so intense that he felt goose bumps running up his spine. In the background of this drama, cicadas were droning. Once he realized the connection to his childhood drama and the cicadas, his tinnitus cures by itself and vanishes forever.

His father was not mean or abusive, but he for some reason took it very hard. 

From causes of tinnitus to back home.

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