The causes of Sciatica

The Causes of Sciatica:

The causes of sciatica pain are the sciatic nerve being pinched, irritated or swollen. This nerve runs down the back of the leg causing sharp debilitating pain.

Do you have sciatica symptoms when you have been sitting down and stand up? The sharp pain shoots down from your lower back down the back of your leg.

You cough, sneeze or laugh and that hurts too. You go to the doctor and he prescribes pain medication. You have made 10 visits to the chiropractor and you still hurt.

Because of the pain your activities are limited, you may not even be able to work anymore. Nothing seems to help so you look for sciatica home treatment such as exercises and stretches. They don’t help much either.

The real causes of sciatica:

Right Leg: You feel pushed or forced to go or do something against your will. Sometimes there may be a sexual conflict involved.

Left Leg: You want to do or accomplish something but somebody or something is stopping you. You are angry or even enraged.

Do you have goals that are being blocked? Are there too many burdons? Are you looking for a reason to not do something?

Typical cases:

Julie, 26 was suffering from sciatic nerve pain. I asked her if she had any goals that she wasn’t able to accomplish. She said that she signed up to join the Peace Corps and was very eager to go to a third world nation.

Her mother was vehemently objecting, saying that she doesn’t want to loose her daughter. Her mother also feared the political instability of her daughter's destination.

Her father warned her that every man where she was going would be hitting on her.

She thought of cancelling her departure and was upset and torn between staying and leaving.

We worked on overcoming her conflict with her parent’s objections.

We worked together and in three days she felt much better and within a month left for Honduras.

She returned home several years later, grateful for her experiences and adventures she had while living in a foreign culture.

The sciatica never returned.

Sharon,  wanted to get married, but her live-in boy friend was not interested. They had 3 children together. 

She had scatic pain in her left leg. We worked on her frustrations and she had immediate releif from the pain.

18 months later she and her husband were married.


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