What are the Causes of Pancreatic      Cancer?

Science simply does not know the causes of pancreatic cancer. They may know the physiology down to the molecule but the answers will forever evade them.

They will find no answer until they realize the unspoken assumption: that all physical illness must have physical causes is false and dangerous.

Pancreatic cancer life expectancy is very dismal at around two percent survival rate. But take heart, my own father survived a bout with this most dreaded of all diseases.

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer:

♦ Loss of appetite and weight.

♦ Jaundice or yellow skin and eye whites.

♦ Pain in the upper abdomen that moves towards your back.

♦ Depression.

The causes of pancreatic cancer are a conflict of disgrace and ignobility. You may feel reproached for your needs. About sixty percent involve a family dispute over an inheritance.

There is also a strong sense of injustice.

...unspoken assumption: that all physical illness must have physical causes is false and dangerous.

This is a conflict active disease involving endodermic tissue. It will continue to grow as long as the problem is unresolved. The shock of diagnosis can trigger metastasis , especially “spreading” into the liver.

In the healing phase, fungi and mycobacteria are involved in the cancer break down. This may leave you with cysts or an encapsulation called pancreatic tuberculosis.

Typical case:

Dirk 75 years old, was raised in poverty. He swore that he would not let his children suffer the shame of poverty. He worked hard and built up a multimillion-dollar farm operation. He retired and turned the farm over to his son.

His son was not interested and used the monetary gains to take lavish vacations in Europe. Drik’s son ran the farm into the ground and was forced to lease out the operation.

Dirk felt his son was a disgrace and he felt disgusted that his son turned out this way. He became despondent and ill with pancreatic cancer. He refused all treatment, wasted away to 80 pounds and passed away.

Typical case:

Steve, 80 years old had developed a small tumor on his pancreas, though he was not showing any symptoms of pancreatic cancer. He was quite shocked about his chances for survival and elected to forgo all treatment.

While doing genealogy research he discovered that his father, fathered a child who was born six months after he was born. He was surprised and shocked find out that he had a half sister.

He hated his father, but this added to his disgust and feelings of shame.

We worked together on this and the next time he went for a medical exam the oncologist said that the he did not have cancer but now had cysts. The cysts are harmless and Steve survived the affair without much ado.



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