What Are the Causes of High Cholesterol?

Your doctor tested you and you have high cholesterol. What are your causes of high cholesterol? 

You have been following a low cholesterol diet, avoiding eggs and fatty foods. Why is this happening to you?

Everywhere the assumption is that it is your diet. Yet, the very best diets for high cholesterol fail to make much of a dent. The Buck was full of cholesterol, yet he ate the perfect, vegan zero cholesterol diet.

How is it that we eat cholesterol, it gets digested and somehow ends up on the walls of our arteries?  

Some of the causes of high cholesterol are related to the healing phase of resolving a territorial conflict.

During the conflict active phase, the coronary arteries stretch and suffer micro-tears. This allows greater blood flow for emergency action and stamina.

It is interesting that when facing an emergency or major stress, cholesterol levels will immediately drop significantly.

When the conflict is resolved cholesterol forms to aid in the healing process. At the peak of the healing phase a heart attack may occur.

This is why high cholesterol is incorrectly blamed on heart attack risk. Yes, there is a correlation, but it is not the cause; anymore than a cart causes a horse to move.

For example, an employee is constantly on guard due to a threatening boss (conflict active); when she arrives home she can relax in peace (healing phase).

Chronic high cholesterol can also be caused by a self-sufficiency conflict.  One thinks, "I can only count on myself", and "I won't let anybody help me, because nobody else can do it right."

It is the unspoken feelings from the conflicts that wreck havoc with your health.

Inner Influencing can help to rid you the conflicts behind having high cholesterol and also getting the life you desire


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