What are causes of heart attack?                              Continued....

Knowing the causes of heart attack will help you prevent them.

Heart attack EMERGENCY HELP:

Place ice on the right side of the head above the ear. This will quickly reduce the swelling and pressure in the brain that is pressing on the heartbeat command center.

Typical cases:

Matilda, age seventy-five, the causes of heart attack was a lifelong conflict of constantly being on guard, protecting her reputation. She also felt a lack of love for herself and life. 

She realized that this was taking up a lot of energy and there really was no need for it any longer.

She started showing massive heart attack signs and symptoms. The practitioner immediately placed a bag of ice above the ear on the right side of her head.

Matilda went into shock, but refused the practitioner's pleas to call an ambulance. Within minutes she quickly began to feel better and sat up straight.

After twenty minutes of holding the ice to her head, she had fully recovered. It was as if nothing had happened. She said she felt much better after than before the heart attack.

The practitioner suggested that she drink cold, caffeinated, soft drinks, and stay out of the sun for a few days. The caffeine helps to reduce the brain swelling.  (but don't get addicted)

Five years later, she is in good health, without any complications.

Edward, age forty-eight, was having business problems. He worked sixteen to eighteen hours a day trying to straighten out the business. After a year of working to the bone, things started going smoothly and running well.

He went on vacation and was glad the problems were behind him. He then dies of a heart attack.

Anne, age fifty, was facing foreclosure. She lost her job and was then evicted.

Having no other choice, she reluctantly moved in with a friend. After a few weeks, she realizes loosing her home was not the end of the world.

Two weeks later she survives a heart attack.

Emotional conflicts about loosing a job, a home, a spouse, a position of authority or integrity, or even a car or a hobby, have been known to cause heart attacks.

John, 60 years old was a farm manager and spent years repairing and improving a rundown farm.  He built new barns, carefully reclaimed the soils and set up soil erosion controls.  The owner one day fires him without cause or warning and takes over the farm.  He quickly ruins the soils by overgrazing. 

John tells him he is ruining the farm,  the owner told John to mind his own business and to go away.  

John has a heart attack 3 weeks later and requires 12 stents. 

How to prevent heart attack:

The causes of heart attack are all about one's state of mind. The heart is very sensitive to stress. Fifty years ago, men had 90% of all heart attacks and women had 10%.

Today, its nearly fifty-fifty. The role of women has changed in our society. Women now own property and work at highly responsible jobs. Women have greater rights and freedoms than in any other time in history.

Materialism or focusing too hard on achievement are not good for your health. That piece of land you "own" has been there for millennia, and after your are gone, it will still be there. It is not really yours; you are but a steward for a short time.

By overcoming your needs to control property or others, you will greatly reduce your risk of heart attack. You will also be happier and more peaceful.

Stubbornness, "hardhearted", envy, lack of love in your life, and a know-it-all attitude may also contributing factors.

Unfortunately these are the people least likely to work on their issues and these attitudes will cut your life short. 

And most of all, do not hold in your feelings about loosing your "territory". Talk about it and talk about it some more. Resolving your conflict quickly will prevent a serious infarct.

If your conflicts are strong, you can soak a few pairs of earmuffs in water, and then freeze them. Wearing these above the right ear while you sleep or do your daily tasks will prevent any brain swelling from getting out of hand.


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